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  1. most of people I know from the area of Fukushima are safe no information about 3 families so far ... one of them is really old guy, veteran of WWII, who had house at the bay ... daughter of one of his friends told that he was sick recently and might have been in hospital but she wasn't sure God only knows what is really going on in Fukushima Nuclear Plant ... no reliance on news from me
  2. Hi guys, I've never experienced anything like this ... condo was shaking like the boat in the storm ... good thing is I am not in Fukushima area ... bad thing is I cannot reach any of my friends on the phone in that area So, hope that they all are ok.
  3. well, even in Yahoo Japan prices go crazy sometimes one day I buy lot of 3 medals for 10000 Yen ... another day each one goes to buyers for at least 6000 yen each. Why? Because it is an auction. As of Kite 6th class ... I see it all the time at yahoo auction ... sometimes price go crazy (in my perception) and it sells at 35000 ... sometimes huge lot shows up which includes Kite 6th, Rising sun 6th, Sacred Treasure 5th for example and it sells for 30000 yen. Someone who needs only Kite and doesn't want to bother himself with reselling items - just buys Kite and doesn't care that he "overpaid" another one might go for it ... There are collectors for whom the value of particular order is different. For me it might worth no more than $200, but for someone to complete his collection it might worth $1000. As well, do not forget that not everybody can buy via ebay (blame computer literacy, access to ebay, whatever) ... and they buy from the local dealers who in turn buy from ebay ... I've seen those dealers web-sites and sometimes I sell directly to them ( Europe). Then I see what price they charge at their web sites - it is far beyond ebays price - and it sells out, because they have a particular order from customer who is ready to pay $1000 for lets say Kite 6th, so buying it for $600 and reselling for $1000 not a bad deal for a middleman. Experienced buyers from ebay prefer to contact sellers directly and ask for particular awards for preset price, if both agree on terms it goes without anyone noticing it. I sell sometimes on ebay and have this kind of customers Saying this, there is no right price for everybody ... and there is no right price in any particular time ... everything determined by supply/demand and willingness of buyer to accept it ... demand for Japanese awards went up for sure ... supply? it mostly the same it was because here are collectors in Japan as well .
  4. lilbit

    What is this?

    another unknown item any ideas?
  5. to which of the above this box belongs? one for two medals
  6. Hi can one date the second medal? 7th class order, but the reverse is not green ... weird any ideas how to date them in general? P.S. Hi Dieter, called my friend ... he didn't stop at the dealer shop so far, too busy ... but he remembers that I asked him
  7. lilbit

    What is this?

    Got this item along with Japanese census (Taisho 9) medal and badge. What is it?
  8. Paul, I read somewhere that it may be a tarnish. Do you know the best way to polish the medal and not to damage it? TIA
  9. Here we go I am wondering all the time why japanese couldn't add numbers to the orders/medals (like for example it is the case with russian medals/orders) it eases determination of both date and class ... though if there were numbers we could have nothing to talk about on forums ))) Pictures of both orders were taken under same condition by the same camera P.S. wanted to list it on ebay but was not sure what to write .... either 7th or 8th
  10. guys, can you determine which is 7th and which is 8th? I know that the yellow one should be 7th, but it came with the 8th box and it confuses me a lilbit
  11. I've got sacred treasure 8th class medal and instead of a pin there was this was there certain date when sacred treasure was coming with this thing?
  12. yeah, nice area and very nice people over there compared to that of Tokyo )))
  13. It is Fukushima prefecture in Tohoku.
  14. Hi Paul, The guy lives in Fukushima. Name is Nakajima-san. Dieter, Usually my wife translates me the stuff but she was out for few days that's why I had no better idea than go for the forum ... So, thank you one more time.
  15. Hi Dieter3. It was mainly misunderstanding from my side because he actually mentioned that it was early time reproduction (Paul L Murphy was right - thanks) and provided me with complementary documents certifying it as reproduction (didn't know that even reproductions go with documents). Because I have lack of understanding of written Japanese I couldn't read what was actually written. Though the second medal I bought is real war time medal: he opened some japanese catalogue and showed me it. The seller is nice guy who is in business for 20 years so there were no hard time at all.
  16. thank you for your comments I'll return it.
  17. this web page might be helpful as well Conversion chart for Japanese dates since the Meiji period. http://www.meijigakuin.ac.jp/~watson/ref/mtsh.html
  18. Hello everyone, I was on lurking mode and was mostly reading the forum for several months but now due to some questions had to register I bought two orders of golden kite as a lot recently. Bought them from the local medals/orders dealer in Japan for relatively cheap price ($600 a piece) with guarantee paper etc. Well, the question is regarding golden kite order. Looking at the web sites regarding the lot I couldn't identify the period .... the reverse seems like it is older type of the order. What do you think? Thanks.
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