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  1. Well.. This was insane. Someone really wanted this cross.
  2. I decided to sell it. It's better if it belongs to someone who collects Iron crosses. https://www.ratisbons.com/42nd-contemporary-history-auction/1914-iron-cross-1st-class-on-screw-back-kmst-variant-mint.html
  3. Thank you for all the input. I bought it on an auction because I wanted an Iron Cross. I normally collect Swedish orders and medals so it was kind of a gamble to buy it as I have little knowledge about Iron Crosses.
  4. Thanks for the information. The size is 55*55 mm and the weight is 17.3 g so I guess it's some of the lower classes. I bought it for the scrap value corrresponding 12g of 14k gold (240 euros) but I don't want to melt it down since I think it's an interesting historical item. Best regards Jonas
  5. I have some questions about an order of st Stanislaus that I've got. Do you have any idea why it has been modified? (Eagles removed, ugly star attached) Can it have something to do with the revolution or is it just plain stupidity? Why is the cross arms enameled on both sides? Shouldn't it be enamel just on the front side? Best regards Jonas
  6. Can you provide any information about this medal? Weight 22.2 gram. 75*50mm. Looks like guilded copper or something. The year 1794, is it when the lodge was created or is the medal that old? Any value? Best regards Jonas
  7. Hello. Can you help me with information about this badge? It's weight is 26.4 grams. Since it's so heavy I believe it is made of gold. The size is 54*49 mm without the ring. There's no hallmarks. I understand that it is the Military order of st Henry. Can you tell if it is an original? How old can it be? What's the value? Best regards Jonas http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2013/post-11589-0-32023000-1361011314.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2013/post-11589-0-53952300-1361011323.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2013/post-11589-0-97420800-1361011332.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2013/post-11589-0-08670900-1361011342.jpg
  8. Thanks for the information.. I will probably sell it sometime since my main interest is Swedish orders and decorations. I bought it from a pawnbroker for about 80 euros, so I guess it was a good buy.. /Jonas
  9. I have in my possession a gold miniature of the Royal Guelphic order. Is it possible to know how old it is? What's the value? I have never seen a miniature for sale. Pictures: http://www.facebook....e7&id=734868784 http://www.facebook....ee&id=734868784 Best regards Jonas
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