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  1. Here's are photographs of the badge & case
  2. Japanese & Manchukuo Pilot Badges
  3. DavidS

    Hong Kong auction

    Stunning medals. Wish I'd known about this auction in time to arrange absentee bidding.
  4. another 25th Wedding Anniversary - unfortunately without a case.
  5. A Victorious Return Commemorative Medal (design by Suzuki Umekichi)
  6. a little something to brighten up the weekend, starting with 2 7th class together. The one on the left hand side, and all the single photos, are a new acquisition.
  7. Two Victorious Return Celebration Medals First - two medals together, then the "silvered" one on its own
  8. not so tough for me - the one I have has an original ribbon.
  9. #53 - NGO 1894-5 War Medal (designed by Suzuki Umakichi) #54 - 1894-95 Conquering of China Medal #55 - Saitama Veterans' Group 1894-95 War Medal (designed by Suzuki Umakichi) #56 - 1894-95 Commemorative Medal
  10. the last for now - 21st Regiment Memorial Badge
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