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  1. now for the proficiency badges not described in Peterson's book Shooting Badges will follow. Army Proficiency Badges not in Peterson.pdf
  2. Part 2. Proficiency Badges not included in Peterson to follow. Army Proficiency Badges Material Part 2.pdf
  3. Army Proficiency Badges are many and varied, and there doesn't seem to be a definitive catalogue of them. So I've started my attempts using Peterson's examples, and I'm attaching a pdf document which includes the material I've found. A lot more to come!! Note that I have not included Sharpshooter badges - they'll need a separate sheet. Army Proficiency Badges Material.pdf
  4. The badges shown in the attached are not part of the 9 standard 1st 2nd and 3rd class Technical Merit, Long Service, Good Conduct Badges but these are issued by Navy Arsenals Miscellaneous Arsenal Badges.pdf
  5. Thank you Nick, I have hundreds of documents but that's all for arsenals. I do not have the lovely 30 year Kure badge or the 10 year one without enamel but I do have the 5 year badge that I'll post soon with a few other associated items.
  6. Here's a pdf document which contains photographs and translations of all the Arsenal documents I own. Please note that because I have no knowledge of the Japanese/Chinese languages my translations are not complete. Help would be appreciated. Also, I can extract text from the pdf if anyone would like the material. I do have a few Arsenal badges which are not honorary badges. I'll post these later. Arsenal Honorary Badge Documents.pdf
  7. Kure Naval Arsenal – Long Service Certificate 伊東謙助 – Itō Kensuke 31.10.1916 Awarded by – 伊藤乙次郎 – Itō Otojirō Award: Long Service Certificate and Sakura Badge in Silver Date: October, 31st, 1916 呉 大 狀 色 年 右 組
  8. 伊東謙助 – Itō Kensuke 25.12.1914 Awarded by – 野間口兼雄 – Nomaguchi Kaneo Award: Long Service Certificate Date: December 25th, 1914 呉 大 メ 五 右 組 呉 勤
  9. I have several Arsenal documents, and have done my best to translate these, bearing in mind I have no knowledge of the Japanese language! Constructive comments welcome. Here's a list of the documents, by date order. Certificate Recipient Date Authorised by Kure Naval Arsenal – Long Service Certificate 伊東謙助 Itō Kensuke 25.12.1914 野間口兼雄
  10. Yep, NIck - I suspected that case was wrong Naval Arsenal Honorary Badges Source images and information I have used are from :- Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated States – Weaver & Quigley – Page 95 figs 150 & 151 In the Name of the Living God – Murphy & Ackley – Pages 54 & 55 – Figs 6.24, 6.25, 6.26, 6.27, 6.28, 6.29, 6.30 Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Uniforms and Equipment – Nakata – Page and Items numbers – 248-12, 248-15, 248-16, 255-19, 255-25, 263-11, 263-12, 263-15, 263-16, 263-19, 263-20 Richard Catalano’s excellent E-book
  11. Nick, looking forward to your new and (I'm sure) very informative website. In the meantime, here are images of my Arsenal Honorary Badges and then some additional information. The order of the above badges is the same as for the table I posted yesterday.
  12. Referring back to the 1st post in this thread, here's a photograph of my small collection of Arsenal Honorary Awards (Technical Skill, Long Service, Good Conduct) 名誉章制式 Honorary Badge System 技術 - Technical Skills 横須賀海軍施設部 Yokosuka Navy Facility Section 1st class 38mm x 32mm / 18.1gm 橫須賀海軍工廠 Yokosuka Naval Arsenal 1st class 38mm x 32mm / 17.2gm 廣海軍工
  13. Here are our original photographs for this badge. No labels etc on case, other than the stamp inside. Tom thanks for photographs of your 3rd class - nice & clear
  14. Imperial Maritime Association Supporting Member Badge 帝國海事協會 賛助員章 Imperial Maritime Association Regular Member Badge 帝國海事協會 通常會員章 Imperial Maritime Association Badges - Supporting Members above and Donations Badges below Imperial Maritime Association Merit Badge. Given for donations of 30
  15. Ooops - here's the 6th class in case.
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