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  1. Now, it is getting sense for me. "Sanctioned for wear after 1935", could it have been because Hitler was against the Teutonic Order and he even abolished it? I mean the Baltic Cross is totally a Teutonic Order emblem as is the German Cross (Without the swastika and instead a maltese black cross). I am not to much into the military awards, but I like to read the history of the military orders (Templars, Hospitalers, Santiago and of course Teutonic). Thanks for the information and nice pictures, and please if someone knows where I can get a Baltic Cross tell me. Edgar
  2. I think both the Iron Cross and the Baltic Cross military awards have their roots in the BLACK CROSS of the Teutonic Order, am I right? There is a Teutonic shield, in a Polish museum, from the battle of 1410 with a Maltese cross just like the Iron Cross design. I also believe that the Teutonic Order (now not a military order but just a religious one), still uses the same design as the cross named Baltic Cross here. But with a golden shield and eagle in the center. BALTIC!!! of course the T.O. was there for so long. Sorry for my English, and I think you already know all I wrote. Now my question. The Baltic Cross was a German award or not? Was it like the baltic version or equivalent of the Iron Cross? (if it was not German). BEAUTIFUL CROSSES BY THE WAY. I wish I could have one of those Baltic Crosses. Edgar
  3. Does it make you recall another awards? (Iron Cross, German Cross, especially the 1957 version). This awards tells us once more the true roots of the Iron Cross. As we all know, a German crusade symbol from a Christian order: The German Military Order of the Hospital of St Mary of Jerusalem. The Teutonic Knight, today just a Religious Order with may convents around the world, but not military anymore. Regards to all Edgar
  4. Hello Monsun, Beatiful emblem you got. They are knew for me, but I like them a lot. Please could you tell me how to find one of them (especially the one you showed)? More or less how much is the cost of these emblems? I was looking in Weitze and Devlet but I could not find any of them. I am not sure if I search in the correct places in those sites, but I did not see any u boot emblems there. Regards Edgar
  5. SO FAR this one and the emblem from U 380 are my favorites desings. Beatiful badges Edgar
  6. Thank you, now I understand, "Chiken like" hehehe they really look like a "LORO." The other 4 KM badges that I own are made by Schwerin, that is why I need a u boot badge by him. That Junker looks beatiful. Regards Edgar
  7. Hi Gordon. Which is your favorite u boot badge desing? Where can I see pictures of it? Regads Edgar
  8. I have two questions. Please, excuse me for my ignorance about the topic, but asking I think is one of the way to learn. 1. Why does some of the KM badges have maker marc and others not? (Even from the same makers. Just as it is the case with the Iron Crosses) 2. What is more common: the badges with MM or the ones without it? Thanks a lot for the information. Regards Edgar
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