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  1. hope these are of some help to you ,,in the photo of the two cut versions the one showing the detonator is intantaneous and the other crimped one has a delay...the two cut examples came off a range where 6inch newton trench mortars were used. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2012/post-1192-0-87493900-1337160936.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2012/post-1192-0-80663700-1337160963.jpg
  2. I am guessing that its a .50..i found some info showing the same type of headstamp S L ,this was described as been for ... St Louis Ordnance Plant (SL) Located near St Louis, MO this plant was operated by Olin Corp. under the United States Cartridge Co. name. One of the first wave of ordnance plants it operated from 1941 to 1945 and again from 1952 to 1958. St Louis was one of the largest volume producers but made only caliber 30, caliber 50 and caliber 60 ammunition. hope this helps
  3. Found this online if any use,website is on bottom of picture
  4. simple to manufacture and very effective
  5. The thing is the carriage car for the French 240mm Gun Mle 1903, i found the following info in Allied Artillery of WW1 by Ian Hogg..............Fom the book "The vehicle was fitted with four wheels of standard gauge plus two narrow gauge four wheel bogies,one at each end of the car ,For normal running and covering major journeys it travelled as a standard gauge hehicle as close to its firing site as could be arranged.After that it could be jacked onto a set of road wheels and pulled by a traction engine,or shifted onto a narrow gauge track by lowering the narrow gauge bogies by means of screw
  6. Very interesting photos ,just goes to show the scale of the job the deminers do.the artificial leg also shows the commitment of these guys,an old work colleague of mine has just lost his leg in the lebanon demining and in his words"as soon as im back on my feet im off back to work" deminers everywhere
  7. Hello mike.Unfortunately/fortunately i am not digging the glass mines i work only in the uk and occasionaly overseas .the real one i saw was in a friends collection ,i had always thought these were the size of small modern anti personnel mines .anyway back onto your RPG its in fantastic condition for such an early date ,you say you are looking for a replica launcher there is a company here in the UK that manufactures wood and plastic replicas the company is called "Relics" you can find them on line at http://www.relics.org.uk/ it may be worth contacting them to see if a genuine round will
  8. Thats a really nice item..Ref the quote of "" What's the sense of Collecting or Displaying all this "Militaria" since it's all been photographed before " I work in clearing ordnance and i am often surprised at how different items look in real life compared to in photographs.For example ive seen lots of german glass mine photos and only recently saw a real one and it was a lot bigger than what i expected..you keep displaying your stuff as it is a usefull source of physical information ........spotter
  9. [attachmentid=44128] The two rounds on the right are GermanWW2 2cm flak38 rounds the red band (just visible)indicates a tracer was present and the yellow overall colour indicates HE.The small round appears to be a 20 X120 mm round more likely of US origin but also used by other countrys inc germany see the attatched article i just found as for wether its practice or HE its hard to tell without any markings ,,does any colour remain at all.try wetting it around the driving band to see if any colour got trapped . [attachmentid=44129]
  10. dan send me a email if you got time
  11. Hello dan if your ever in doubt about any items and this goes for everyone notify your local authoritys dont throw them away in the trash or dump them .children may find them or even people who would use the contents to make further devices.I understand your fears of getting into trouble,im sure you could think up excuses...old family war souvenirs etc.even if the items turn out to be safe its better to look stupid than look dead or maimed......here endeth the sermon.... ok dan im off back on my mission to id these items
  12. Dan DO NOT try to loosen that fuze/plug untill it can be positively identified.....im going to try look up the others now.BUT LEAVE THAT ONE ALONE
  13. another pic of the M6/M7 [attachmentid=44060]
  14. Phew glad your not dissapointed ,on the rounds with the screw off fuzes?? is there any writing/numbers on the fuzes and approx what size are the rounds e.g 20mm 30mm.
  15. Hauptman i have bad news on your german fuze..Its american ..its an M6/M7 firing/boobytrap device used with mines and can also be used on grenades with an adapter.This isnt the best of pictures so ill try find others to post later [attachmentid=44048]
  16. The round blue ball looks like a practice anti personnell sub munition.These ae found from golfball size(M32) to softball size(BLU 61) the most common being baseball size(BLU 63,BLU 36) Thats a nice varied collection you have
  17. look forward to seing posts of your stuff,ill try find more info on the 75mm ,can you get a clearer picture of the fuze on the trenchart round,it could help id it.just noticed on the 37mm where the fuze fits its stamped DWM that will make it a german round.DWM = Deutsche Waffen und Munitionfabriken
  18. Im sorry i dont know much about valuing ordnance ,your best bet is to do a search on ebay for "inert" or "shell" under the militaria categorys and watch the prices for a few weeks then you should get some idea.........spotter
  19. Hello the larger shell is an american made 75mm shrapnel round .WW1 era
  20. Hello sorry been a while getting back to this.Anyway it looks like a british No60 fuze these were introduced to service in 1901 and obsolete in 1921.These were used on the 15lber ,having read my papers they did get sent to france but did not see action.hope this helps you...allan [attachmentid=37898]
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