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  1. Here is an award card and citation for this Red Banner. Name: Ivan Matveevich Dagilis Rank: Batallion Comissar (political officer rank equal to Captain) Position: Political assistant officer of the 1st Battalion commander, 20th Tank Regiment, 10th Tank Division, South-Eastern Front. Comrade Dagilis was a tank commander during the enemy lines attack on June 23, 1941 near the town of Radzehuv. Leading the attack forces with his tank he penetrated inside enemy tanks formation and managed to set on fire 2 enemy tanks. German troops concentrated intense artillery fire on his ta
  2. Hello Gentlemen, Today I want to share with you an interesting Red Banner awarded to brave and courageous political officer.
  3. Hello Egorka, If you are still interested in trading award cards for Polkovodets awards we can do that. Lets start with Hmelnitsky 2nd class Here is a list of the numbers I am interested in 508 ; 589 ; 590 ; 593 ; 957 ; 958 ; 966 ; 971 ; 978 ; 985. I can offer you those numbers to trade, let me know which ones you need - 387, 388, 399, 400, 415, 418, 420, 421, 429, 443, 451. You can email me to kuznetsov@optonline.net Best regards, Andrew Kuznetsov.
  4. I have images of Travin's Red Banner since 2010. Here they are...
  5. Thank you very much. This is what I am looking for. Unfortunately order number is not indicated in this card. This is an early type of award card. Some of them don't have award's number (like yours), but some do have it written on the second page like this... And by the way, General Travin did have another award card with all his awards listed except for this Kutuzov.
  6. Hello guys, I am trying to make a database on 2nd and 3rd class top orders (Suvorov, Kutuzov, Khmelnitsky). If anyone has award cards for any of those awards I can trade them with you. Sincerely, Andrew Kuznetsov
  7. Christian, my congratulations with those amazing documents. So, the truth finally came out. I'm really happy that former Soviet archives helped you to prove the authenticity of Gnitienko's full Glory set. Now even the most sceptical members of the forum should agree that this group is OK
  8. Excellent story, thanks. It's a very lucky event to find an early Red Star to a woman. However, she was in a rank of Major, not Jr. Lieutenant. For Jr. Lieutenant it would be "voyenfeldsher 3rd class" (военфельдшер 3-го ранга).
  9. During Chernobyl's disaster I lived in Kiev which is only 100 miles away from the nuclear power plant. I remember lots of interesting things happened that spring. For example all buses disappeared from Kiev for three days. As I found out later, they were used to evacuate the entire population of Chernobyl, Pripyat and other smaller towns around the power station. Later those buses returned to regular city lines after short deactivation procedures (just washed them with water).
  10. Normally, higher was the rank and position of the officer, more chances he has gotten to repair his damaged award. For example, this sophisticated repair was not possible in trench conditions.
  11. That is correct. However, sometimes our veterans overreact in their efforts to keep their awards bright and shiny for annual parades. They polished them heavily every year and the results vere pretty dramatic
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