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  1. Excellent! William Adams was one of the five Buffalo Border Guard to escape the disaster at Isandhlwana, they reached Helpmakaar where:-

    'The Defence of Helpmekaar by Graham Alexander'

    Quartermaster D. MacPhail later wrote: -
    Captain Essex who was in command, gave such a foolish order that it cleared a lot of us out and we left him to fight the Zulus himself

    As darkness fell, five members of the Buffalo Border Guard mounted their horses and silently slipped away from the garrison in the gathering twilight

    (The survivors of the Natal Carbineers and Newcastle Mounted Rifles had already left)

    What with one son escaping Isandhlwana with him, his 16 year old son at Fort Pine, and (I think!) another son in the Buffalo Border Guard, maybe with Chelmsford Column, who can blame them for getting out of a poorly defended place after what they had just witnessed a couple of hours before.
  2. Getting old ain't that bad at the moment, just had my first son (born 9 days ago) at the age of 52, just rocking him to sleep right now as I'm writing this.

    Enjoying feeding him and changing his nappies (except for when you think you've cleaned him up and about to put on the clean nappy ..................... and he pee's all over me! BOY! for a little fella, he can't half get some power behind it :) )

    Ah well, off to put him down for a few hours and catch some sleep myself :)

  3. You've got two faithful readers, my mother grew up in Plymouth and went through the blitz there. Her father sent her and her mother to relatives in Fowey, where they were strafed by a messershmidt returning from a raid while they were walking in a field. Her mother took them back to Plymouth as she said the bombing wasn't personally aimed at them, whereas the strafing was !!!

    I've tried to get her to write everything down that she can remember, and about her early life, she starts, but then lets it slip over time. But I keep trying.

    Keep them coming Mervyn.

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