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  1. Finally got time to post after a rather hectic 8 days, our son Ryo was born on the 8th Feb at 6lbs 3oz, both mother and son are now home and doing well (now for the sleepless nights :) )

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    2. Craig


      Congratulations to all of you I expect Ryo to be joining GMIC shortly!

    3. Rayjin


      Thanks Mervyn and Foo Fighter. He'll be brought up on my lap in front of the computer looking for medals, as well as learning where he came from (traced the family history back to 1595 so far on my mother's side all Cornish but 2. Father's side Cornwall and Somerset, with a bit of Welsh)

      What they don't teach them in school these day's I'll teach him at home, as well as banging in nails, camping and working on the allotment.

    4. Claudius


      Congrats. Advice -try to nap, when the child naps. Finally, a comment from my brother when I was running low on REM rest. "Sleep is for the weak."

  2. Will be away for a few days, so as we say in Cornwall .......... Nadelek Lowen, ha Bledhen Noweth Da

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