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  1. Thanks Demir. I am Italian, the name "Grazia" in this case it is a last name. Both Austrian how Italian. Nevertheless "grazie" and also a name proper of person but I believe both difficulty that on the medal they wrote only the name. The word "Grazia" in Italian, it means great gift or great favor instead, often agreement as "divine grace" that is God's favor. I think both very possible that this medal and assigns to an Austrian person in the chaotic period of the ended war. It would be a very useful thing to retrieve the files to understand more of it. ....
  2. I thank you, it would be very beautiful to be able to see all the decorated with these medals....But I believe it is very difficult...True Demir?
  3. Hey gentlemen, no one tells me anything? All best regards for 2017....!!!
  4. Hello gentlemen, I would like an opinion on the name that was engraved on this beautiful medal imtiaz .... I think it is a surname of an Austrian national who has received the medal, the last name "Grazia" is a surname is Italian and Austrian. And I think it is unlikely that they decorated an Italian citizen. What can you tell me? Many thanks
  5. Hello Gentlemen, thank you for the answers you gave to my post. If anyone is interested I have other beautiful decorations Albanians: Skanderbeg orders given by King zog and also Vittorio Emanuele III with documents ....
  6. The Zog Commemorative Medal: instituted by King Zog I to commemorate his assumption of power on 24th December 1924, but later awarded as a decoration for distinguished and personal services to the sovereign. Awarded in three grades silver, II Calss. If you can, I would like to know from you what is fair pay and what it is valued today! Thanks
  7. Hello I really do not think that is the landscape of Montenegro ... I think more to a head femmile or a symbol. reguards
  8. I do not think Montenegro has always had the lion .... Although Albania has always had but never had eagle globe or another in the hands ..
  9. Hard to say with certainty ... 3 The eagle in the picture, it seems that Byzantine empire. The symbol you see in the picture 4, is the lily: the heraldic symbol of France, but also of Florence to another ... In fact, the dagger has nothing to do with France. I do not think that has nothing to do montenegro also, I think, or Russia or Serbia ... Maybe it's a dagger of one of these two states, with other heraldic symbols of noble families.
  10. Thanks for the comments ... I also like very much, and I'm undecided whether to take one of my daggers ... Unfortunately no one can tell me more? Ithaca
  11. Hello, Today I want to share the pictures of this beautiful dagger, look at that beautiful badges,I think they are symbols of the nobles. I think 1800/1850 or so. Can you tell me anything? News about the wearer etc. .. What do you think? Best reguards Ithaca
  12. Ok thanks JapanX you helped me a lot ... I think it is very unlikely that a Italian took this decoration during the Crimean War. Hard to know everything! Thanks Reguards Itaca
  13. Many thanks ...Japanx end Paul Wood The strange thing is that probably this photo portrays an Italian with this medal, I do not know if the Italian took part in the Crimean War, and I'm trying to make a clarification. For this reason I ask you: This medal should be given between 1856 and 1881 right? And 'silver right? Do you think it possible that was given to an Italian (enemy in war) or is it better to think that it was given in the years following the Crimean War? Although decorated are many you can find the list of decorated? Sorry for the many questions but for me it is a very important research. Best reguards Thanks
  14. Many thanks for the correct identification... Can you tell me for what reason was given? You know how many medals the same as this one, have been given? Reguards Thanks
  15. Do you help me to identify this medal? And' a very important thing seems of Alexander but if it is her, it is a variation that I have never seen... If you want I make other enlargements.. thanks
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