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  1. Polsa999, your avatar is of the Great Central Railway police with the motto of ' forward' in the middle. The GCR amalgamated into the LNER who kept the motto. GWR police always had a crown on the HP. LIke the Great Eastern Railway police for their duties assisting Queen Victoria who regularly travelled to Sandringham.
  2. THE LNER RAILWAY POLICE (1923 - 1948) The LNER was formed from: Great Eastern Railway Great Central Railway Great Northern Railway Great North of Scotland Railway Hull and Barnsley Railway North British Railway North Eastern Railways The North Eastern Railway was the largest and most successful of the
  3. Tom, you have a LNER police helmet plate worth about £50 in that condition. A common badge, the LNER Police were a big old Force (1450 on establishment). Their badges turn up regularly on Ebay and go for £70 tops. The Force was viewed as quite forward thinking for it's time and sent their recruits to Hendon from the 1920s. The Force amalgamated with all other railway Poice forces in 1949 when the British Transport Commission Police were formed. I know a sprightly 90 year old who was in the LNER Police. Talking with him has beeen fascinating as you can imagine. You have the 2 piece version. Th
  4. Hello Mervyn, That City Police helmet in white is a fantasy piece I'm afraid and you will not find a photo of one being worn. No City Police helmet has the comb all in Gold. Senior Officers have a Gold trim on the comb but there will be no divisional number on the helmet plate like the one shown. Here is a good site on City Police memorabilia. http://citypolice.tripod.com/index.htm
  5. He is wearing the uniform of the London Midland and Scottish (LMS) Police.
  6. That white City of London police helmet is a fake unfortunately. That Force has never worn white helmets.
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