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  1. Thanks Demir for the response. I have been collecting for 60 plus years concentrating on shoulder patches and have one of the better collections in the US and have been a member of ASMIC for 45 years. I am familiar with the patches of the countries that fought in the Korean War and have most of the known patches. This is definitely a period piece and perhaps one that is not well known even to museums. I can not tell you how often the museums have no clue as to what they have as far as patches are concerned and how little they have in their collections. Again thanks for the fast response but I am pretty sure it is Turkish Army,just requires more research. Mort
  2. This is a made for collectors patch and is not period. The border which is what is called AG is post war,should have kacki border. The tab is the key piece;it is extremely rare and expensive and has a depiction of the bridge in black and the lettering. Mort
  3. Greetings, Saw this on ebay recently on ebay and it sold for alot of money but could not find any information as to what the patch actually maybe. Has Turkish symbol and 3 stars which maybe for the 3 units that served. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,Mort
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