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  1. The unknown cross is a 6 years long service cross for NCOs on a combatants' ribbon.
  2. Two videos I made recently on WW2 hungarian uniform items: M1926 parade uniform (video presentation) M1939 officers' tunic (video presentation)
  3. Service tunic of Col. Gusztáv Iványi of the motorized transport troops.
  4. An ordnance major's white tunic. (The tunic belongs to one of my friends the photos were made by me.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A military judge major's tunic. The colour of the collar patches is just like the ordnance ones', but since the tunic has the nametag on the inner pocket, it is no doubt a military judge.
  5. This thread seems to be dead... Here's a generals' staff tunic I once owned, with the rank Major. A nice example of a greatcoat. Branch is engineer, rank is unknown (stripes missing from the sleeves), (I sold it a couple of years ago...)
  6. Very nice beginner's collection! I love especially the Signum Laudis with swords.
  7. Today I had the chance to take a look at the posts from one the court's computers and Gordon was right: the images in the first post didn't came through, but the imageshack ones worked fine. I am happy you can see them at last. :)
  8. And one tunic of a male officer from the same age, rank 1st Lieutenant:
  9. Sorry, Gordon. I don't know what the problem is... I paste the links to the images here as they were posted above: Together: http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload00.jpg The service tunic: http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload04.jpg http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload05.jpg The parade tunic: http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload01.jpg http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload02.jpg http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload03.jpg The coat: http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload06.jpg http://noob.hu/2012/05/23/upload07.jpg And I'd welcome any info on the pieces above, as well as I would like to see your ones, t
  10. Prison Guard Major - Female There is a service tunic with skirt (and grey shirt with dark blue tie), a parade tunic, and a wintercoat in the set. All pieces are in very nice condition, the buttons and shoulderboards are simply flawless, as if these clothes hadn't been put on more than a few times. First, the service tunic and a couple of details: You can see the dark blue piping on the top of the collar and the same coloured lining on the shoulderboard. The gilt button on the latter has the 1957-type crest. On the collar, you can see the branch sign of the prison/correc
  11. Da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius

  12. Nice stuff, Peter! I loved that greatcoat; it looks like (almost) mint condition...
  13. The ribbons are not exactly the same as the Horthy ones. They are different in fabric, color, and measures of the white and red stripes, too. And with time they fade in a different way the Horthy ones do. A lot of Horthy-era collectors wish they were the same...
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