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  1. Hi Chris, This grouping is in transit to me, so I will have to decipher what the very last medal is when I get it. The others, starting at the top, from left to right are as follows: 1. Purple Heart Medal w/one OLC. Officially engraved and numbered to the recepient. 2. Mexican Border Service Medal. Officially numbered. 3. WW I Victory Medal w/Champagne Marne, Aisne-Marne, (unofficial) Chateau Thierry, Oise-Aisne, and Defensive Sector clasps. 4. State of Pennsylvania Mexican Border Service Medal. 5. State of Pennsylvania WWI Victory Medal. 6. French Chateau Thierry Commerative Medal. 7. French Verdun Commerative Medal. 8. USA Veterans of Foreign Wars Membership Medal. 9. American Legion Membership Medal. 10. ? The corresponding ribbons are for all of the above except for the Verdun Medal (I do not believe there was ever a ribbon bar for this medal) I would like to add that I have found that Sgt. Lomison was in the 28th "Keystone" Division, as well as the 12th Cavalry. He was a police officer Pennsylvania from 1925-1958, and he lived to the ripe old age of 100; he passed in 1992.
  2. Original corresponding numbered boxes to the issue/official seen in the display.
  3. They can be quite pricey, (low 4 figures in this case) unless you find someone you can trade with....
  4. Thanks guys, I was floored when I saw the Silver Star in the red case. I am still having a problem believing the asking price. God Bless small towns....
  5. Thanks very much Rick. Very good news indeed about the WW I victory. I didn't realize that he would have been eligible while at Anapolis. Thank you for fixing the title, and I'l fix my hastily-written last post.
  6. Absolute mint in box WW II Victory. I can sleep well knowing that I passed on this group because the government thinks I shouldn't collect these items...man, I feel so safe and proud!!
  7. American Defense in original box, and the clasp is merely lying loose on top of the ribbon.
  8. This was in the small brown box shown, and was in the larger box containing all of the other items seen here. Not sure if this could have been the Admirals' since he graduated the NA in 1920...maybe his Father's???
  9. Captain's shoulder boards in the original envelope (with Houston, Texas store address) and box...mint. It makes since that they were purchased in Houston as the Admiral lived there.
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