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  1. Odin Thanks for your time taken looking into my request. A one in three chance but that makes it more interesting as well. I must say you are quite on top of your game to have such a wealth of knowledge to this type of information. Thanks again Steve M
  2. Good Evening Gents I recently came across a 1911 Coronation Medal for the Metroplitan Police to a PC C Scott, can any of our great reseachers out there give me an indication to this officers background please.Any information would be gratefully accepted. A very interesting medal with a good hand engraved example around the rim. Not a massive amount of value but pleased it is in my collection due to its age. Regards Steve M
  3. Gents As a grand nephew of a Lancaster mid upper gunner, I will be appying for his bar to his 39-45 star next week. I have heard people debating that it should be a medal, am I concerned about a bar- no. I am only glad he was recognised for his part, which was 35 trips at the latter end of the war. At the end of the war men and women going back to a normal way of life were more interested in getting a job,home and family than recognition of their part during the war. My Grand Uncle fell into that bracket and I applied for his medals about 5 years ago as it was sitting on the MoD medal office
  4. Gents To keep the Special Constable thread going regarding please find attached one of my many Special Long Service Medals plus extras. I purchased this one a few years ago with its box plus a WWII Tag,ID Bracelet and a letter from the C Constable Leeds dated 6th Dec 1950 thanking WILLIAM STANLEY RIDER for his service "both in peace and in war. Much of the service which is now being recognised was carried out under difficult and dangerous conditions and we regret that we are again having to face similar circumstances." The latter half of the statement reflecting the start of the cold war
  5. HI Darrell I have just put a thread on regarding the QSJM. Could you check to see if this is a match to your own medal? One of the things that jumps out is the double edge on the thin raised circumference at the back. Regards Steve
  6. Hi Paddywack Thanks for looking anyway best to check every avnue but still trying to check out the medal its self. Thanks again (may call on you again sometime) Steve
  7. Hi Thanks for that. Any help would be great, I know that the value of these medals are quite high at the moment and two examples on the big auction site (boxed and good condition) rececently sold for £200+ last week. The one I have was part of a group of WW1 dual/1908 school medal and ISM (from the same family).However the QSJM was in a bit of a state as it had been kept loose with the others in a tool shed by the looks of it and required a bit of TLC to remove paint/tar and there is a scratch across "ELIZABETH" letter A. but other than that I am pleased with it but was wondering if its "The
  8. Hi Paul The London Gazette is dated for 1988 which would have been 11 years after the medal being issued and the ISM is usually issued at retirement. The holder was an engineer with the MoD but thats all I have about the guy. Thanks for the reply. Steve
  9. Gents Please could you have a good look at the attached recently purchased QSJM which was in a group (ISM) named to an Arthur Ernest Bennet. (This has been checked to the London Gazette and is OK but no record to the QSJM records). As this is my first Silver Jubilee to my collection, I would be grateful if anyone out there has a good eye to establish if it is an Original/Good copy/copy/or fake. I have compared it to other examples on this site and can see no evidence of copy mark and appears to be an exact example of one shown recently (Boxed female ribbon) and the back of the medal see
  10. Gents Please find attached an Army and Police medal collection from my time as a Royal Engineer (1991 - 2002) and Special Constabulary to date. I collected and signed for the QDJM in May this year from my inspector as per home office instruction - no parade just sign for- which I thought was a bit off as this has been a great year Queens Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics. However I was taken back by the amount of Jubilee medals on the auction site from many who were making a quick buck within hours of being presented when many who had missed out by the strict criteria of time served to
  11. Hi Gents I have been offline for a few months, between computer. I would like to attached my medal lot as I recently gained my Long service as a SC and Queens Diamond Jubilee medal all within a few days as the long service was held up at A&S HQ for around a year but all has arrived and has been remounted with my Army Medals. I aml proude of my collection but at the same time I feel quite ashamed that other Officers/Armed Forces/Prison Officers and all could not wait to get their medals on the auction site for a few pound after many had been left off the award due to not enough service ti
  12. As highlighted a few inputs ago the truncheon was given to me by an old family friend who late brother was a special in the Essex area during WW11. It is difficult to make out the painted design. I will try and send on to you further detailed pictures. any comments would be appreciated. Steve
  13. Thank you for the kind words, SC are today unpaid volunteers who do put themself in the front line and a few over the past have paid the price with their lives (8 Specials were killed in Bath, England during the WWII due to an air raid). The medals for SC do not always pay very highly unless from the Ulster Constabulary.
  14. As there is a positive update, I will try and print off a few extracts from his account. During his last Op in March 45 His oxygen line froze up and he started to pass out but was sorted out with a portable supply. Its a lonely place being a mid upper. More to come!!
  15. No Checked the base and it was produced in England and it does look old, would not sell it as it is special to me gathering my old times as a sapper home and abroad. 24560712 Cpl S Mains
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