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  1. Lars, you make some excellent points that pretty much confirm my fears. You know what they say:" Hindsight is always 20-20." It really rings true for me now, but it wan't for impulse buys I would never buy anything! The last thing I need is a new hobby but the feeling of owning a true piece of history was something else.
  2. Chris, before I start using this for target practice or eating a snack, I would like to hear your thoughts on why you think it might not be real. Help me learn. Thanks, Jason
  3. Yes in fact it was in Rothenburg. Sounds like you might know something about this little store.
  4. Sorry I should have included a translation for the non German speakers (myself included) out there. According to Google Translate: "Geschenk des Reichsführers-SS Heinrich Himmler an sämtliche SS-Angehörige" is translated as: "Gift of the Reich Leader SS Heinrich Himmler to all members of the SS" In my mind this type of plate would not have been super rare, but I'm not an expert. While trying to search for something like this online I was only able to find one reference for it at a German auction website (third block down): http://www.auktionsh...r=7&page=5&
  5. And here is the back. There is only the writing shown and two small holes in the top for displaying it.
  6. Hello Gentlemen, This is my first post on your forum which I just became a member. Great site! A little bit about me. I am a US Service member station in Southern Germany. I have never been a collector of Military Antiques, but as a fan of history I was looking for a good souvenir to remember my time here in Germany. I had heard through the grapevine about a small antique shop in a small town near me that had a closed off back room that the old lady would let you into if it was apparent to her that you were American. So I went there and it was as described. The small room was fil
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