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  1. I thought I'd change my avayar thingy like everyone else but couldn't find a picture cool enough. So I made one that is both helpful and instructive

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    2. lambert


      Yes!!I agree :)

    3. IrishGunner


      Words? You get a 1000 with a picture.

    4. Mervyn Mitton

      Mervyn Mitton

      Steve - "You're an idiot ! "

  2. I thought I'd change my avatar thingy but couldn't find a cool picture - so I made one is much more informative

  3. I've been working on a Naval/Army base of late and was surprised to hear "All .... unit attend for Splicing the Mainbrace!" - Blimey I thought they'd stopped that years ago!

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    2. IrishGunner


      Did you get your tot of rum?

    3. Spasm


      I'm allergic to alcohol - it makes me go all giddy and then I fall over

    4. IrishGunner


      I think that's the rum talking.

  4. "It's a bit of a WW1 bomber" I said to the admin staff after the postman had delivered. She said "pffffft". Jeez.

    1. Claudius


      Most people just don't care about history...You should have said it was a bit of Miley Cyrus' foam finger. However, I look forward to seeing it!

  5. Just discovered that some of my e-mails were going straight into the spam box, must get the admin staff to sort that out

  6. Just noticed my name in Green, thanks to all for making me an Old Contemptible (I've no idea how many stripes I can now wear but feeling pretty proud nontheless) Thanks Gents

  7. Imagine her leaving her laptop on my desk where I paint helmets - that was silly

    1. IrishGunner


      "that was silly"

      Yea, what were you thinking - painting helmets. Silly.

    2. Spasm


      That was almost exactly what she said

  8. Just finished painting the living room ceiling, what a joy. I obviously left a bit so that she can find it.

  9. Ello all, I is back

    1. JapanX


      Been busy with motorcycle? :)

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