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  1. Many apologies to the group. I tried to resurrect my posting from several years back and should have left well enough along. It should have been in the german imperial batch. I tried to delete my posting but cannot figure out how to do it. Very very sorry. Rod
  2. It has been a few years since I originally posted this topic (2008). I have not been able to find anymore about this sword. Relying on the forum's patience, I would like to again ask for comments/information. It truly does fascinate me!! Rod
  3. Rick, Thanks for the information!!!!!! I have read there are many reproduction tallys floating around. I think this is a good one as it is so well made, i.e. with the "gold thread" and perhaps an early one before yellow thread was used (I think) . Again, I could be all wet!! Rod
  4. Chip, I have only seen pictures of these caps ... never in hand. I just assumed they were sewn to the cap in the back. Thanks for the information. Rod
  5. I just acquired this tally. It is approximately 57 inches long. I do not see any needle holes in the silk so I don't think it was ever mounted and worn. The thread seems metallic and gold like. I am hoping it is bullion. Would someone please comment as to originality and vintage???? Many thanks, Rod
  6. I was going on the basis on flanders medals on dealer's websites shown with arras, flandern and verdun spanges. Evidently, they were incorrectly attached. Sorry to jump to conclusions. TEN is then the correct number!!!!! Thanks to all, Rod
  7. Hi Pinpon, At this point I have seen three more in addition to your ten: ARRAS FLANDERN VERDUN That would make thirteen (13) Rod
  8. Heiko, If you should find the link that shows all nine (9) spanges for the Flanders Cross, I would greatly appreciate seeing it. Many thanks, Rod
  9. The Flanders Cross continues to fascinate me!! Now I understand it has spanges. I have four in transit to me. FLANDERNSCHLACHT FLANDERNSCHLACHT (1917) DURCHBRUCHSSCHLACHT YSER Are there more I should be looking for????? Many thanks, Rod
  10. Eric ... I just ran across a dealer's listing which shows the pin you presented above. The dealer referred to it as a "patriotic" pin. In any event, it sure has personality!!!! Rod
  11. Hi Gordon.. Mine is 16mm so must be from the 30's. A really neat little pin!!! Rod
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