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  1. Thanks Yes, those pins are difficult to be put in any particular period Here is another pin from WW1 period
  2. It is difficult to say because those pins have been used for a while Here is one of myEK2 with pin It looks like this in the middle
  3. Hi Ilieff, That is an amazing Photo. I have seen only single photo of people decorated with this cross Here is an interesting picture of the Queen
  4. nice example of luxury miniature Order of St Gregory in a small medal bar
  5. Graf

    Legion D'Honnour

    I agree with 992F Lack of clear marks and in my opinion lack of good quality, suggests bronze gild. Here is another example of good quality silver gild with well placed mark for silver -'boar head"
  6. Graf

    Legion D'Honnour

    In my opinion that this one is brass model -4th Republic Very robust even to be silver gilded I might be wrong Two examples Gold and Silver Gild You can compare Sorry
  7. Hi cci I , like you. wish to have this bar..and not only the bar Out of my reach
  8. Hi Peter, I hope you will have more replies Cheers
  9. Hi JohanH, Nice Orders Just to share very interesting fact from my visit to Stockholm I went to the old town in a hunt for Swedish Orders For my surprise some of the dealers did not know that the Order of the Sword did exist without Swords The found my information unusual ..NO SWORDS??!! Hi John, I hope you did buy this nice order Hi Stukaf It is very desirable medal bar The Order of the Sword is a nice old model
  10. I have some reservation about this EK1 No comments at this stage i will leave to more experienced members In general some of the items on this site , in my opinion, are questionable
  11. Point taken Double checked The WILM had the mark on the Cylinder. Confused with Wagner who had the imark on the lower Arm Visit woeschler-orden.de, updated each 1st and 15th a month! Cheers
  12. Hi Peter, You might be right that this topic might have not been touched in the past. I like you, like the sharp internal corners of the crosses frames Only thing I am aware of the fact that there is a Variant of 1939 EK2 with round internal edges of the frames Usually those crosses were unmarked Here are my two MEYBAUER 1914 EK1 - the corners are not rounded I hope some of the members who had more research into Iron crosses can contribute to the topic
  13. Hi Peter, 300 views for 7 months is not a lot. Perhaps no one from the Forum has thought about that If you have any ideas to develop this topic you can do it and then you can bring more interest from the Memebers I hope you will get responses soon Cheers
  14. Graf

    French hallmark?

    Hi JapanX, Thank you for the nice information
  15. Hi GGODISHIGH, I hope you made your mind regarding the Order To my friends from USA Take it easy. Do not start a war I accept your comments Those Forums are for constructive . exchange of opinion Cheers
  16. Hi, That proves my point. This collector either upgraded some of his EKs, or is trimming, or reshaping his collection as all we do from time to time It is not bad EK1 and if the prize is right keep it till you like it or better one comes along Cheers
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