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  1. If I remember correctly the Winter War award criteria was something like; Anyone involved in the war effort would get a medal, anyone in the defence forces would get a medal with clasp, anyone in the defence forces serving in a war zone, i.e. "under fire", would get the full set, medal, clasp and swords. And I think that they where awarded from August/September 1940 and onwards. Don't know when the awardings stopped. Foreigners could indeed get a commemorative cross if they met the award criteria. The Lappi cross and 17th div cross are commonly seen on Swedish volunteer medalbars/groups. What is important to remember is that these crosses are not goverment issue and that many of them where not insituted until the mid/late 50's. Both these factors have almost certainly had an effect on the number of crosses which have been awarded/issued. Great medal bar btw, I've never seen a Danish/Finnish combination like that before. All the best /Thomas
  2. No prob. Here is a picture of some commemorative crosses >>> http://www.oulunnumismaatikot.fi/kuvat/mui...t_4rivi_iso.jpg ...the Oinonen cross should be somewhere in the middle. Best regards /Thomas
  3. Hello, Some quick approximations; 1) CoL 2X (almost certainly 1941), CoL 3X (could be 1939, but personally I would still go with 1941) 2) CoL 4X w. oakleaf (1941) is it's own class and not a second award of >>>, CoL 4X (likely 1939) 3) This is a really difficult one with many possible combinations of years....I do not dare.. 4) CoL 4X ("must" be a 1941) 5) Should actually be flipped the other way around, W.W. com. - Summa com.c. Reading it the other way will make it more clear : ) ...and also make it one of those half-bars : ( Con. W. com.m. - Olympic 1952 m.m. - Civil def.m. - Oinonen Group Com.c. (I think this would be your best bet for that ribbon)
  4. Hello Naoki-san, I'm pleased to meet you too! Nice to hear that you enjoyed the pics and thank you for the kind words Best regards /Thomas
  5. Thank you all for the good info and the thumbs up! Needless to say my colleague was very happy to hear that his crosses are of the good kind! Joe, most probably the cross on the right has at some point had a back-plate. According to my colleague the screws are quite long and a plate would fit nicely. Best regards /Thomas
  6. Hello Gentlemen, A collector colleague wanted to know if these two EK's in his collection are the real deal. EK's are not in my field of expertice, therefore I would kindly like to ask of your opinon on these two. To a novice (me) these look genuine enough, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. /Thomas
  7. Thanks! I like the design a lot too The picture is a bit bad (sorry about that) and the mark is very faint and small, but probably a maker mark. The designers name can be found on the reverse (picture) and reads Gunnar Finne. The mark looks somthing like this, two ovals overlapping at 90 deg. angle.
  8. Hi all! This medal is the Ven?j?saari commemorative medal given to those men who fought their way from the besieged Wiborg back to the White lines in the opening days of the Finnish war of Liberation. As may of the early finnish decorations were made abroad (Germany, Sweden, and more?) this medal is probably made by a german maker. Possibly Berliner Medaillen-M?ntzen Otto Oertel, but I haven't been able to link this maker to the maker mark. I would be most grateful is someone could assist me in identifing the maker mark on this medal. Cheers /Thomas
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