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  1. Any new and exciting additions to show? I keep an eye towards these badges but they are few and far between around my area. Thank you all for sharing from your knowledge and collections. --dj--Joe
  2. A nice looking set Don. Vivid colors. Did they use a lacquer for the finish? It certainly held up. --dj--Joe
  3. For the new year I reread this old favorite thread. Still a favorite. --dj--Joe
  4. You mean like an actual comment? Thanks for sharing. Regards, --dj--Joe
  5. A most interesting topic. Many thanks for sharing. Good to see the Kyffhauser veterans organization tunic. Will check to see if I have any post-war Schutzenverein related items. Regards, --dj--Joe
  6. Did you coat them with anything to keep the zinc from continuing to corrode? --dj--Joe
  7. Additional information. One was a 1926 Deumer catalog. I had no luck with a search. Perhaps someone seeing this will have one or a link to one. --dj--Joe
  8. If an image of it could be found in a period catalog. That might give a clue. There are catalog pages of manufactured pins out there. --dj--Joe
  9. An interesting assemblage. Most I have never seen before. All in good condition. Thank you for sharing. --dj--Joe
  10. Stadturm city Tower, Theresienplatz square, Straubing, Lower Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany.
  11. Appreciate every one posting. Thought I had one to add but an example is already shown. --dj--Joe
  12. Bill, It's difficult to tell from an image. The maker mark is raised and MAINZ 3 is engraved. --dj--Joe
  13. Hi Bill, I have an example but it has to be the grainiest picture I have so it is of little use. Will try for a better image. To my eyes the G's in Ges. gesch. are different. Also the E and R in BERLIN. --dj--Joe
  14. I see the maker marks are different. Close-ups would be more telling. The lettering on the post-war fabrications maker mark would be a comparison point against others.
  15. I meant to reply some time ago. One thought drives out the other. A. STUBBE produced DRK badges. How do the maker mark and the pin setups compare? --dj--Joe
  16. Searched through my items, did not find any from C. Dinsel. --dj--Joe
  17. Robert, If you check out the - Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum it will give history of the allotment gardens.
  18. Robert, Saw one similar on another forum. It was for Gau Franken. Had the same attachment setup. --dj--Joe
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