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  1. Hello everyone... been searching the forum on this type of medal. I recentely picked it up because it seemed like a good deal for such a pretty medal. I have tried to research online but haven't found anything definitive. It appears this was made from 1868-1984. Is there anyway to get a feel for when this could have been manufactured? Thank you! Scott
  2. I agree that $50 was a little high.. I have been keeping on my watch list here in the States that has a buyitnow price of $40.00 and it has NEVER sold but it keeps getting relisted .. Scott
  3. I like it Tom.. been researching this medal and there isn't a lot out there!!!!!!!!! Nice find.. Thank you, Scott
  4. Hello.. would you happen to have a picture of the edge??? This looks odd to me but I am not expert.. I just looked at mine and it appears to have more of a "stamped" look The only thing I can tell you about lower priced items being faked is that a counterfeiter can get away longer with counterfeiting $5 bills than $100 bills... Again, not saying yours is a fake but would love to see the edge. just my two cents.. Thank you, Scott
  5. Hi Mark, no problem... BTW, in regards to cost I would say it is around $50 dollars. This has been listed on ebay for months now and keeps getting re-listed and they are asking $90. http://www.ebay.com/itm/150744467519?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Thank you, Scott
  6. Hello all, This is the Variation 2, Silver Plated Alloy, with 15 ribbons on the Seal. I am looking to see what the forum thinks. I hope you can see in the pics. Of course online I can only see observe and back pics... The other fun fact of this medal is that the observe is actually the side w the text. Many recipients altered to show the Seal of the Soviet Union side.... It looks like mine is either a reproduction or the original owner had it changed around. Anyone got any comments? Thank you, Scott
  7. I would like to see edge shots if available... thank you, scott
  8. Nice looking one... Any Order of Patriotic War with maker mark raised is the 1985 version I believe.. Thank you, Scott
  9. Thank you Ole and Alfred! I was away and unable to respond. Thank you for sharing your comments. Thank you, Scott
  10. Thank you very much guys for the inputs.. I apologize for not thank you all sooner. I was away. Thank you, Scott
  11. Just wanted to share my Medal to Partisan of the Patriotic War. This is 1st and 2nd class.. I believe these are genuine. One even has a maker mark indicating "People's commissariat of local industry,plant "Molniya"
  12. Hello TacHel, Thank you for your information and comment. You are right on.. It will probably be years before I find something out on this one Scott
  13. Thank you Jim! Yes I have many Soviet Medals.. until now I really didnt have anyone to talk to them about! Thank you, Scott
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