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  1. Picked up this interesting postcard recently. With the leather knee patches, crossed grenades, and skull on the sign I believe these may be Bavarians of Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 6. This is the first time I've ever seen a non flying unit referred to as a Jagdstaffel.
  2. Very nice postcard Andy and thanks for the help solving the mystery. Sterbebild for Unteroffizier Franz Reichwein of Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 1. In the morning of Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, after fighting on the Somme, fatally wounded by a bullet in the chest and died at the field hospital at Cambrai.
  3. I'm thinking it's the town Regensburg since there looks to be some Bavarians in the photo.
  4. MG08 shield marked Sturm Batl 4. 2nd M.G.K. Regensburg and taken at their training area at Oudenaarde in August 1917. I'm only showing that STB4 had 1 MGK so is this perhaps just a MGK that took their training course? Grave of Karl Jasper of the 2nd Kompanie of Sturm-Bataillon Nr.1
  5. Nice buckles. I went this route for my Bavarian officer mannequin, saved quite a bit of money by not having to shell out for one of the subdued painted crown buckles. Here's a steel zweidornkoppel which shows up much less often in photos.
  6. I agree most likely reserve. You sometimes see younger Landwehr guys though. Here's one of the 53rd Landwehr Regiment that I would've guessed were reserve if not for the sender info and postmark. Seebataillon MG 37mm Revolverkanone in use for trench defense.
  7. Thanks Chris. Yeah, the 12th Landwehr was in an interesting sector especially in 1915 at the Hartmannswillerkopf. I'm thinking based on the date that Willi's EKII was for an action when they were at Guebwiller-Cernay. Here's another MGSS doc, EKII Besitz-Ausweis to Schützen Friedrich Mutschall of Maschinengewehr-Scharfschützen-Abteilung Nr. 46.
  8. Thought I'd share some of the more interesting EK documents in my collection. I'll start with one of my favorites which is this Vorläufiger Ausweis (preliminary identification certificate) to Grenadier Wilhelm Graf of the 1st Kompanie of Sturmbataillon 16. Next is this Besitzzeugniz (authorization certificate) & EKII to Schützen Josef Karl of the Bavarian Maschinengewehr-Scharfschützen-Abteilung Nr. 1. He was authorized to wear his EKII on March 25, 1917 and the document was signed in the field April 19, 1917. Vorläufiger Ausweis (preliminary identification certificate) & EKII to Jäger Willi Beeck of the 2nd Radfahrer-Kompanie of Jäger Battalion Nr. 9. I'll add more documents to this thread as I get them photographed.
  9. It's a weird variant for sure, a member of another forum referred to it as the Rambo knife of its time lol. The book covers both WWI and WWII knives and is well worth the purchase, there's a second volume as well. I'd also recommend Deutsche Kampfmesser 1914-1918 by Christian Méry.
  10. Prussian model 1847 unit marked to the 1st Battalion of J.R.20. Naval / Colonial model 1895 Below are transitional buckles made in 1914 and 1915 before the introduction of the one piece steel stamped box/roundel models. Prussian with pewter box and roundel made by the Saxon maker H.E Peucker. Prussian with steel box and pewter roundel. A scarce Bavarian steel buckle by Wimmer using the 4 prong roundel attachment method. Saxon with steel box and soldered steel roundel made by GH Osang. Regiment marked to Saxon J.R.182
  11. Bavarian Stum Batl 6. Sturmabteilung of the Bavarian 8th Reserve Division, sent from a man in B.R.J.R. 23.
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