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  1. Thanks Chris. Did you find that on the Bavarian records on ancestry.com? A few more: 1st Kompanie of the 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment. 2nd Ersatz MGK of the 15th Armeekorps and then to MGK of Reserve Jäger Battalion 19. Large brass tag to Waffenmeister-Unteroffizier Wendler 3rd MGK of the 342nd Infantry Regiment.
  2. Reserve Jäger Battalion 11 Ersatz Battalion of Bavarian 2nd Jäger Battalion Wurttemberg Gebirgs Batterie 13, Ersatz Gebirgs Artillerie Abteilung 2 & 4. Found a Gustav Scheer of Gobbingen on the verlustlisten which listed him as being lightly wounded on July 1 1918.
  3. With the 102nd anniversary of St. Mihiel today I thought I'd share a few items related to the battle. This started with the purchase of the stylized eagle head kS98 and the collection grew from there. The bayonet was an honorary gift of the division to Vizefeldwebel Lührmann of the 1st Machine Gun Kompanie of the 94th Landwehr Infantry Regiment for bravery shown facing the enemy on September 12-14 1918. During this time period the 94th LJR was part of the 255th Division and fought at St. Mihiel under Army Detachment C from Metz Group. I was able to find a bit of the circumstances of the a
  4. Great photo. At first glance the bayonet looks a bit like an s98nA, but it's actually a rare Bavarian model 1914 Griechisches Messer which were converted by Simson & Co to fit the gew. 98 from left over Greek model 1903 bayonets. Not often seen in period photos since only a few thousand of these bayonets were produced.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments! A couple other pieces.. Feldpost of the Garde-Maschinengewehr-Scharfschutzen-Abteilung-Kompanie.3. using what looks to be a captured French Saint-Etienne Modele 1907. Shooting prize target
  6. Some very awesome equipment shown in this thread! Here's some of my MG items. Bayonets: (71/84 AR87) Saxon Reserve Infantry Regiment 100 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (71/84 AR87) Saxon Reserve Infantry Regiment 107 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (71/84 L88) Bavarian Infantry Regiment 13 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (84/98nA W15) Maschinengewehr Zug 2 (84/98nAmS W15) Maschinengewehr-[Scharfschutzen] Abteilung 21 Kompanie 1 (IOD 1889) Reserve Fusilier Regiment 39 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie (M1894 Hebel) Infantry Regiment 48 Maschinengewehr-Kompanie 3
  7. Hi Stuka, Thanks for the correction & additional information on the helmet. -Josh
  8. I'm considering purchasing this pickelhaube and would appreciate any opinions on it. Also, what's a ball park value range on these? Thanks for the help!
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