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  1. I'm curious to find out if anyone believes that the events in East Timor in 1999 could've escalated into a direct conflict between Indonesian and Australian forces.

    If so, what could the cause(s) be? How would such a conflict unfold? How would it end? And what consequences would there be?

    Also, are there any other points in recent history where Australia and Indonesia could've gone to war againt each other?


  2. Is there anyway to find information such as personel rosters, After Action Reports etc. on the internet.

    My grandfather served on the HMS Kenya, Venerable and Golden Hind (got a feeling I'm forgetting one) during World War II. I live in Australia and have attempted to contact relatives living in Wales and England to see if they have any information or can contact the The Navy Records Centre in England for me, for when I tried I had no response.

    My grandfathers memory isn't so great anymore and I would really love to know what he did during the war. I'd hate for those times and what he did to simply be forgotten.


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