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  1. Hi Brian,

    It's good to hear from you again. I know what you mean about some collectors pontificating and being aggressive as well as others trying to buy the medals from you.  I've only sold one medal to a man who ended up presenting to the original recipient.  Recently I have been approached by another regarding a new Zealand Vietnam pair, and yet another whose grandfather's uncle's medals grace my collection.  Both were gracious, but I was firm that I would not sell, but if I did, if contact them and they don't know me other than by my moniker Azyeoman.

    I am looking forward to reading your about your new acquisitions!

    All the best, John

    1. brian conyngham

      brian conyngham



      Yes maybe a misake on my side to use my name on Forums.

      Will be on Night Shift in a few weeks time and will hopefully manage to add one or two to the album.

      Your collection blows me away...and I was looking earlier at your amazing German collection. Trully awesome to say the least. I have a very small collection of German medals, we do not see too many out here.



  2. Jon that is an interesting story, yes have heard of it but not sure who was involved. Any idea where the medals are? Resize the pictures and try and post.
  3. I found this rather unusual veterans medal last year, has anyone seen another. It was manufactured in Berlin, not sure who was the manufacturer. Maltahohe was a very small town in GSWA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltah%C3%B6he
  4. Hi Rob Thanks, yes and ongoing albeit with brakes on, now have over 50 POW groups but still need to do lots of write-ups. My spare time has diminished of late but will get back into the groove when the pressure lifts. I also had a family member of one of the groups I posted contact me as the GMIC is an "open forum", people Googling a name can get a hit off this site, the chap became quite offensive and despite me having correct dates with paperwork he maintained I had wrong info....sadly another reason I stopped posting here. I got the feeling they wanted the group despite me paying for it legitimately, it appeared to me that they felt as a family they were entitled to it. He had just been a great uncle, so far removed from immediate family! Brian
  5. John You have outdone yourself...what a pleasure catching up on all your new groups. I have taken a bit of a sabatical on collecting but with that said I have when the occasion has arisen acquired the odd one or two POW groups, including a SA Airforce Spitfire pilot shot down in Northern Italy and the RSM of the UMR......being two of them. Regards Brian
  6. Hi Rob This sounds like a Blue on Blue event. Many of these columns were straffed by trigger happy Allied airmen unfortunately. Being companions for so long it would have been likely that they were together when bombed or straffed. From all the reports I have read very few prisoners were shot while attempting to escape, One of the accounts I read was that one group were caught and after all the other prisoners had passed shots were fired into the air...however no killing took place and the same group later joined their mates a few days later. It was a scare tactic. Most of the guards were old soldiers and not of the fanatic SS Types. However saying that there were no doubt cases of shootings, especially if it was found the prisoners were abusing civilians along the routes. Hope this helps.
  7. Glad to have been of help. They do occasionally come up for sale (always incorrectly identified) but yes not that common. Often seen without ribbons, which is a problem. Regards to all for 2015. Regards Brian
  8. Hi Guys There is a huge misunderstanding about this medal. The CORRECT name for this small medal is the Womans War Badge. Issued by the DRC to related females of sevice personal who came from Number 5 Military District (Natal). Purple ribbon for those who had died, Red White and Blue for those who were wounded and still serving. They were issued with two versions of certificates. More about this medal in a book I am hoping to bring out within a year. Regards Brian
  9. John Some great additions...well done on the RAF group, never seen one for sale out here. I have a few bomber groups but no POW's Brian
  10. John Great new additions, great write-ups. I have a copy of of the book "Flywheel" (Stalag 4B) published in the 80's to raise funds for the Red Cross. The artwork is amazing considering the conditions these were produced under. Regards Brian
  11. John Guy and Crooks are realy fine additions to your ever growing POW collection.....I think your Topic Heading needs to be renamed Paper work is what it is all about especially with WW2 British groups. So many British soldier POW's were "short changed" regards medals, so it is nice to see POW groups with F&G medals/clasps and Italy Stars, well done and thanks again for posting these well researched groups, always a pleasure to visit your page. Regards Brian
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