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  1. Hi, tkank you for your reply. I bought this piece yesterday so now I can take more pictures if there would be a need. As I thought, the material is silver, but without any markings, except this small rectangular hollow on the edge - it is showed on one of the pictures above. Any other opinion on this cross?
  2. Hello! I' ve seen this piece for sale in local collector's shop. It's the Princely House Order of Hohenzollern - 3rd Class Honor Cross I think? But the Hohenzollern coat of arms is qite strange, istn't it? And the quality is is a bit poor... The diameter is OK - 37mm, material looks like silver. What is your opinion - fake? Best regards, Chris
  3. Dear Gentlemen, I have this piece for a long time, now I would like to learn a bit more about it. I hope the spange is 100% genuine, isn't it? I don't know much in the subject of DRK. Is the cross weimar or imperial era? What's it's class and what were award criteria, who could be awarded with it? Best regards, Chris
  4. Hello! This is my new badge, what do you think - is it original, is it rare? I can't find any info about imperial regimental badges in the net... It's 45x33mm, made of silver or white-metal, without any marks on reverse. Best regards, Chris
  5. Hello after a short break! I'm very glad that here is still interesting discussion on the spange. > M Hunter - I checked the mini badge and under the Iron Cross ribbon there's nothing, just the metal back plate. Maybe the Red Eagle Order ribbon has been removed, as you wrote, or this order was awarded during the war... Unfortunately I'm not able to find the name of the spange owner so far Best regards, Chris
  6. Hello again! It's the next part of the story - I got this mini bar for my spange, of course it has belonged to the same original owner and now I have a full set As you can see, here are only 7 ribbons, so that I assume this bar is a bit older than the spange. I tried to find some information about the owner of these decorations but without any result so far Could you give me any advice where I can find the ranklists? Are they available in the internet? And one more question - what about the dating of my spange, or the single medals crosses and orders? Regards, Chris
  7. Thank you all for your replies, it's very interesting discussion. I'm glad that it's an original spange. Unfortunately I don't have an access to the ranklists and other documents you mentioned above... Maybe someone could help me and check these documents? I would be very thankful Regards, Chris
  8. Hello everybody, I'm new here, I'm a collector from Poland. I'm really impressed by your knowledge - respect! I wonder if there is a possibility to find out who was the owner of this beautiful piece? I hope this bar is original, isn't it? The material on the back is grey, as you can see on the last picture. I woul be very grateful for all replies. Regards, Christopher
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