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  1. Very interesting topic. I believe the translucent yellow cellulose disk may be a vapor barrier, rather then the actual lifting charge. I have the same thing in one of my rounds and it is stuck to the ring with the vent holes.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to find documentation for the 12 Minenwerfer Komp, such as Soldbuchs, Militarpass and award docs. I'd like to identify company stamps, commanders signatures, company locations, dates, etc. Anything you can post would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help, Spandau
  3. Thanks. I'd like to find the teardrop round for the granatenwerfer. Years ago they were pretty common, but the have all dried up.
  4. Leight Minenwerfer #1 Leight Minenwerfer #2 Minenwerfer, Granatenwerfer and Signalwerfer
  5. Hello Dante. Do you have more pages of the 12 MWK Soldbuch and Militarpass that you can post? That is fantastic. Regards, Spandau
  6. I have seen a lot of black and white pictures with the three black bands. I'm wondering what they designate. I would have assumed that there are either a varying number of bands or different colors if there are typically three to designate information about each round. Most pictures appear to be either unpainted or light gray. Field gray certainly makes sense since that was what was used for equipment. I'm surprised there is not more information on these rounds. I have a fair amount of documentation but I am not great at translating from script (before translating to English) so it t
  7. What colors were the light minenwerfer rounds painted as well as the different color bands and letter markings? I have seen restorations in various shades of grey or unpainted but are there any original examples or documentation that support this and specify the meaning? Thanks, Steve
  8. Unfortunately, there is no room for observers. It's strictly members only, but its a real step back in time once you go through the gate.
  9. Our unit is currently full, but there are plenty of units on both side who are hungry for new members. You should contact the Great War Association. This is the parent organization above all of the individual units/clubs. http://www.great-war-assoc.org/ Regards, Steve
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