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    Portuguese Medals and Orders, mainly from 1910.
    Portuguese War Cross; WWI and Overseas war models.
  1. Forgot to say, that´s the WWI model, 1st class. A very rare medal. the correct link to the article : http://cruzdeguerra.blogspot.pt/search?updated-max=2013-01-28T15:13:00-08:00&max-results=7
  2. Hello to all To maintain some interest in this topic, a new image of my collection. You can read the article o(in portuguese) n my blog. www.cruzdeguerra.blogspot.com
  3. Sorry; Also about Portuguese Orders and Decorations of the period you have the Phaleristics Academy of Portugal web site; http://www.acd-faleristica.com/faleristica/medalhas/guerra-peninsular-2
  4. Hello newmex1598; One of the great books on the Peninsular War, it´s the Osprey " The Peninsular War Atlas". http://www.ospreypublishing.com/store/The-Peninsular-War-Atlas_9781849083645 On the Orders, Medals and Decorationsof that period , you have the great book from Paulo Estrela; http://www.wook.pt/ficha/ordens-e-condecoracoes-portuguesas-1793-1824/a/id/1457133 Also about Portuguese Orders and Decorations of the period you have the Phaleristics Academy of Portugal web site; http://www.wook.pt/ficha/ordens-e-condecoracoes-portuguesas-1793-1824/a/id/1457133
  5. Has described in the web site "medailes 14 18" , the diference in metals are just to denote the ranking of the awarded person. Tenete-Coronel to Marechal , Gold medal and bars Alferes to Tenente-Coronel (not included) - Silver Soldado to Alferes (not icluded)- cooper
  6. A Well done site, a good French project, withe a great list of the Portuguese Campaign medal system. http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/portugal-commemo.html
  7. To end, a ultra ultra rare exemple from the "Chana da Mula" skirmish. Those bars are quite rare to find, all of them has the maker mark in the reverse, so impossible to forge, fortunately for us collecters.
  8. A fine exemple of a Portuguese Campaign medal 1921 model;
  9. Although the formal declaration of war between Portugal and Germany occurred just in 9 March 1916, the battles among the two empires started at the same time that the British declared war on Germany. So de facto Portugal entered the war (in Africa and at Sea) not in 1916 but at the very same moment that the war begun ( in Europe). The Angola campaign was the first against the German Empire in Africa, and last from 1914 to late 1915. So, the main bars for major campaigns are: -“Angola 1914-1915” -“Congo 1914-1915” -“Cuanhama 1915” The secondary bars for wounded personal in single engagements and battles are: -“ Naulila and date” -“Tchipelongo and date” -“Mongua and date” -“Cacimba da Mongua and date” -“Chana da Mula and date” -“Inhaca and date”
  10. The Military Valor Medal its a Portuguese medal created in 1863 by the King D.Luiz I, alongside the other two first military medals, the Good Services medal (Red and White ribbon) and Exemplar Beaver medal (Green and White ribbon). All of them in three classes, cooper, silver and gold. From 1946 it’s the second highest Portuguese military decoration, just after the mythic Order of the Tower and Sword, dethroning the Portuguese War Cross that was from 1916 until 1946 the second Portuguese military award. Despite this exchange the Portuguese War Cross, is still being the most well-known and prestigious award among the Portuguese people. 2013 marks the Portuguese Military Medal 150 anniversary, and as normal, in the last 150 years do to the political and cultural exchanges, this medals suffer regular esthetic alterations. This model here present it’s the 1946/1949, transitional decree model, the rarest of them hall, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful designs achieved. In gilded-silver, indication of the first class, although the gilding is almost disappeared, with a palm indication that was awarded in campaign against the enemy, most probably in the Overseas war. The Front shows a National Shield of Arms with the words “Valor Militar”, military valor. The Back shows a Christian Knight at Arms dueling a Muslim Knight, surrounded by the legend “Sine Sanguine Nula Victoria”, that means, Without blood there will be no Victory.
  11. Through the Peninsular War period the Portuguese Army made use of different types of Swords and Sabres. The 1796 Heavy and Light Cavalry swords, the 1806 Portuguese Pattern, and the prior patters that equipped the Portuguese Army until the French Invasions. So, we cannot confound the 1806 pattern to the sabre that usually equipped the regular Portuguese cavalry during that period. The images shows a Portuguese Cavalry Sabre with Belt and Sabretache, and The Portuguese 4th Cavalry Regiment Charge at Fuentes del Maestro, command by the Portuguese Captain Maia e Vasconcellos, 3-01-1812. Oil on canvas by Mestre Carlos Alberto Santos.
  12. An 1807 pattern, Portuguese Royal Navy sabre, identical to the 1806 pattern for the non-General Officers of the General Staff, other High Ranking officers from the continental army and from the overseas army. Also identical to mine Royal Volunteers sabre. The main difference between my sabre and this original image from the Royal Decree, it’s the presence of the “trigger” , very useful to cavalry charges or better handling the sabre. In Portuguese, this type of sword is called “Sabre de Gatilho”, and are quite rare.
  13. This medal is a National award, that carries the name of the Sea Rescue Institute. It is a military decoration, that could be given to civilian and military personal for outstanding acts of heroism in the sea at shipwrecks rescue, or in the life saving operations. . https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instituto_de_Socorros_a_N%C3%A1ufragos
  14. 922f; There is a topic in this forum with somme photos about the maritime museum at Lisbon; http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/11611-maritime-museum-belem-lisboa-portugal/?hl=portuguese#entry111908
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