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  1. Unfortunately, the use of the Royal Crown, has in recent years, been portrayed increasingly on "fashion" items and its use in that respect is not unusual. Dave.
  2. Very nice Dave. I'll have to pop around for a brew! You'll have to get a decent enamelled plate for that current Met. helmet. Those cold enamel (plastic) blue rings look so cheap and nasty. Alas, a sign of the times! Dave.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of telling. White metal (German silver) which is what these numbers appear to be made of, was used up until the mid-1930's when the same design etc was chrome plated. Dave.
  4. Possibly, but the screw fasteners were also used during the Vic. period. Dave.
  5. Does anyone have copies of the almanacs mentioned? If so, would they kindly scan the entry for Eastbourne Police (shown under Sussex (East)) and let me see it? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  6. They are still used currently by some forces that use collar badges. The height of their popularity was probably the 60's & 70's. Dave.
  7. That appears to be nearer the mark than the example you posted previously. I'm assuming its segmented. They don't quite show in the photo. Dave.
  8. It was similar, but the shape is not correct. If you "Google" Metropolitan Police" you should find some images of Victorian Met. Police helmets. Dave.
  9. Gordon, I think the term "War Office" relates to the Government Dept. who were responsible for the War Department Constabulary. They were re-named Army Dept. Constabulary in 1964 and became part of the Ministry of Defence Police in 1971. Dave.
  10. Gordon, I'm attaching the details from the book in question which I hope is helpful. Henry Pierrepoint was Albert's relative. Albert himself does not appear on the scene as an Assistant Executioner until 1935. Dave.
  11. My information in respect of CHRISTIE has been taken from "The Encyclopaedia of Executions" by John J. Eddleston which details every execution (and the background to the trial and conviction) carried out in the British Isles between 1900 and the last hangings in 1964 which took place on the same day and time at HMP Manchester & HMP Liverpool. The primary sources for the information contained in the book came from Assize documents held at the Public Record Office at Kew . CHRISTIE apparently admitted at interview murdering each of the persons whose bodies were found in his house and those buried in the garden. The only exception was a baby girl, the daughter of the man EVANS. He was particularly keen to do so as he thought that by so doing it would demonstrate clearly that he was insane; thus saving him from the hangman. These admissions by CHRISTIE, were later used as the basis of Timothy EVANS being granted a full pardon in respect of his conviction and execution for murdering his wife and daughter. The people who CHRISTIE admitted murdering are named in the book. There is no indication that he was only charged with one murder. Dave.
  12. Just to round this off, so to speak, CHRISTIE was convicted and sentenced to death on 25th June 1953 by Mr. Justice Finnemore at the Old Bailey. He was executed at HMP Pentonville by Albert Pierrepoint on Wednesday 15th July 1953. Although he was convicted of the murder of seven persons, the police believed his victims numbered as many as twelve. Dave.
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