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    Social history. Have collected British and British Colonial police insignia since 1966. Am a founder member of the Police Insignia Collectors Association of Great Britain.

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  1. Yes, I have. I was shown one during a visit to Jersey a couple of years ago. Dave.
  2. A generic item, worn by police and military the world over. Dave.
  3. A generic item worn by police and military the world over. Very non-specific. Dave.
  4. Not all "official" medals manufactured in the UK for HM Government are manufactured by the Royal Mint. Dave. Vaughton & Sons are still in existence and still manufacture silver items including insignia and medals. They did not cease in 1992 as your posting suggests. Dave.
  5. I feel bound to comment on how poorly made and designed, the majority of these medals appear to be. This coupled by the somewhat haphazard way in which they are worn (by some, not all) does not, in my opinion, reflect well upon Trinidad and Tobago. Dave.
  6. These medals were awarded by a great many local authorities in the UK, and appear with several different Monarch's heads. A search of eBay will usually reveal a dozen or so. They are relatively common. Dave.
  7. Please see the appended images. The Lancashire Constabulary did use an identical helmet plate to that which is fitted to the helmet with the obvious exception that it had their force title on it and the County shield centre. I hope this is helpful. As an aside, I'm not aware of any forces in the north of wales who wore a similar helmet in Victorian or Edwardian times. On the balance of probabilities your helmet originates from a force in the North West of England. Dave.
  8. I have an identical helmet of similar age, also manufactured by Christy's. This type of helmet was worn by many police forces in the North West of England. My own originates from Burnley. Also, its not unusual for helmet plates to be interchanged on helmets once the helmet leaves its original issued force. Dave.
  9. You could try the National Archives at Kew as a long shot. Dave.
  10. Yes, I do have several badges from the Gilbert & Ellice Islands Constabulary, the Gilbert Islands Police and their successor organisations. Dave.
  11. Isle of Wight Constabulary. Aside from the distinctive helmet plate, he has the letters "IW" on his epaulette. Dave
  12. No, you've got it wrong. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended for 18 months. If he re-offends within 18 months the two years imprisonment comes into effect. He is currently a free man. Dave.
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