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    Imperial Germany focus on colonial campaign, freikorps and veteranorganisations. GB until 1939. Focus on WW1 and late victorian colonial campaigns.

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  1. Some years ago I got this plaque with some other items. Its a 15cm diameter brass plaque with a text wishing Helmut Brinkmann congratulations with his KC from Stab Marine Gruppen Kommando Süd. Brinkmann was captain on the Prinz Eugen and later on CIC Black Seas fleet. Have any of you seen something like this before? Fake, real, etc. Any thought? Thank you / Hans Admin: Please remove if wrong forum. Ps. Posted this at WAC, but this item does not fit into their forum structure. Just FYI to let you know I am not spamming the forums : )
  2. Thank you Dave and Craig for the fast and very useful info. The flying squad goes in the box of fakes.
  3. Hey all, I recently came across these two badges in a lot. Police memorabilia is not my area, but could the Flying Squad be real and would it be possible to put a price on them? They are just taking up space meant for medals at the moment : ) Thx - Hans Ps. Sorry for the picture quality.
  4. Hello Mervyn and Paul. Thank you so much for your expertise and kindness. I will keep the Khedives and the MM is going on the danish marked as a poor fake. Thx again. I really appreciate it. Best regards from Denmark, Hans
  5. Hello all, I recently bought these medals along with a lot of german medals. British medals are not my area, so I hope that you can help me. I am very much in doubt about the Khedives Star. There is no markings or stamps. But I have never handled an original. What is your opinion? The military medal is a fake I think, but I just need a confirmation. Thank you in advance. Greetings from Denmark / Hans
  6. Sorry for spamming the forum, but since I have received such great feedback on the other items I will another mystery. This cap was bought in Germany and there is a stamp with, what appers to be, a large J and the date 1944. Underneath is a row of numbers. Any clues? Thx in advance - Hans
  7. I have just received these items from Germany and I am unable to ID them. The cap may be WW1 german, but this timeperiod is not my specialty. The gun holsters came with it. I have absolutely no idea : ) I could really need some help with these items. Thx in advance - Hans
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