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  1. Nicolas, Utgard, and Claudio - thank you so much for your kind words! 😃 Claudius - correct. I’ll try and post others under their respective sections when time permits. J-
  2. I collect Air Force ribbon bars. Here are some with Saxon decorations. The identified bars from top to bottom are: 1. Oberstleutnant Curt Treitschke 2. Oberstleutnant Rudolf Beltz 3. Generalleutnant Erwin von Romer 4. Oberst Claus Groth 6. Oberst Erich Poser 7. Generalmajor Wilhelm Merz 9. Generalmajor Hans von Weech 10. Major Willy Runge 12. Ministerialdirigent Hugo Geyer 13. Major Walther Stresemann J-
  3. Agreed. I don't pick these up either, likely for similar reasons. But this is a very nice one, Nicolas. Well done and great score to supplement your collection! 😃 J-
  4. I love it; such a unique piece. Would be happy to own that and I only collect longer Luftwaffe ribbon bars! Just goes to show you how much I love It. 😃 J-
  5. A very nice bar and probably unique, ID or not. Just a very interesting combination with some rare awards. Great pick up! J-
  6. Where it was worn on the tunic varied based on wearer preference when it comes to vertical positioning. While I’m not intimately familiar with these awards, the pins can’t all have been the same. Just because it doesn’t fit one maker of a particular badge doesn’t mean it wouldn’t fit another. J-
  7. Dear Claudio, Another stunning piece! You have such great taste, and a definite style in what you acquire. I could probably review a catalog and correctly guess your next piece! 😃 Congratulations, my friend. A beautiful bar on so many levels. Best, Jason
  8. Nicolas - too bad it’s not identifiable, but a very nice bar nonetheless! J-
  9. I found him on eBay and sent a message. Hopefully he’ll respond. Thanks so much for chiming in here. Unfortunately there were two other photos of this general that he sold, just last month! What a bummer. I have a grouping to this general which I’ve been able to rebuild over time. So finding additional photos like this is priceless. J-
  10. Thanks so much Matt & Claudio! I have seen the poor quality version along with his gravesite photo. But I did not see Matt’s reply until Saturday. I hope I did not miss any auction listing for that photo as that would have been perfect to buy. Although certainly possible. I couldn’t find any eBay listing, but the photo is watermarked with what appears to be the seller or owner’s user name. Does anyone recognize this handle, and/or do you know how I might track down this seller/owner? Best regards, Jason
  11. Hey J, Great thread, and thanks so much for posting and sharing these photos. This is a superb comparison, especially for someone like me who doesn’t really have any badges yet. But as a Air Force uniform collector, I will need them eventually for display. I love seeing the nuances of construction as the years and ensuing needs evolved. And I’m a little biased, but LW badges are the most fluid and have the most style, IMO. It’s nice to do these types of things on slower weekends. Probably something that’s been mulling around in your head for a while! =) J-
  12. Hi everyone, I had never thought to pose this question here, but given the vast amount of researchers on this forum, I figured it was worth a shot. I’m wondering if anyone has any photos or information on this eventual General from his Imperial days? Here is the widely available biography on him and his military career. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or feedback you may have. J- Generalmajor Otto Prinz Born: 04 Jul 1893 in Ernstweiler, District Zweibrücken Died: 09 Aug 1977 in Friedberg, Hessen Promotions: Fähnrich (23 Aug 1914); Leutnant (05 Dec 1914); Oberleutnant (18 Oct 1918); Hauptmann (01 Feb 1931); Major (01 Jan 1936); Oberstleutnant (01 Dec 1938); Oberst (01 Mar 1940); Generalmajor (01 Sep 1943) Career: Entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker and Company-Officer in the 160th Infantry-Regiment (13 Mar 1914-03 Apr 1915) Adjutant with the Field-Recruitment-Depot of the Special-Purpose-General-Command 55 (04 Apr 1915-23 Apr 1917) Ordinance-Officer with the General-Staff of the VIII. Army-Corps (24 Apr 1917-02 Jan 1918) Detached to the Signals-Group-Leader 608, Army High command 8 (03 Jan 1918-28 Feb 1918) Platoon-Leader with Group-Telephone-Signals-Commander 608 (01 Mar 1918-06 Mar 1918) Detached to Divisions-Signals-Commander 525 (07 Mar 1918-28 May 1918) Commander of Divisions-Telephone-Battalion 94, 9th Cavalry-Division (29 May 1918-23 Dec 1918) With the 2nd Signals-Replacement-Battalion (24 Dec 1918-11 Jan 1919) Adjutant of the 2nd Signals-Replacement-Battalion (12 Jan 1919-20 Oct 1919) With the 2nd Brigade-Signals-Battalion (21 Oct 1919-30 Sep 1920) Retired (30 Sep 1920) Reactivated to Army Service as Company-Officer in the 2nd Signals-Battalion (01 Feb 1924-28 Feb 1926) Signals-Course D at the Artillery-School Jüterbog (13 Oct 1924-27 May 1925) With the Staff of the 2nd Signals-Battalion (01 Mar 1926-31 Dec 1928) Officer-Weapons-School-Course in Dresden (01 Oct 1926-20 Feb 1927) Signals-Officer of the Commander Königsberg (01 Jan 1929-30 Sep 1932) Company-Chief in the 5th Signals-Battalion (01 Oct 1932-31 Mar 1934) Placed to the Disposal of the Chief of Army Command (01 Apr 1934-30 Apr 1934) Transferred into Luftwaffe Service as Communications-Officer with Air-District-Command V, Munich (01 May 1934-31 Mar 1935) Advisor with the Chief of Communication-Affairs, RLM (01 Apr 1935-31 Jul 1936) Acting-Commander of the Signals-Department of the RLM in Potsdam Eiche (01 Aug 1936-30 Sep 1936) Commander of the Signals-Department of the RLM in Potsdam Eiche (01 Oct 1936-30 Jun 1938) Department-Chief (Cables) with the Chief of Communication-Affairs, RLM (01 Jul 1938-25 Mar 1939) Liaison-Officer of OKW to the Reichs Postal Ministry (26 Mar 1939-28 Feb 1940) Higher-Wehrmacht-Signals-Leader Sofia (01 Jan 1941-19 Jun 1942) Higher Signals Leader of the Luftwaffe-Mission in Romania (20 Jun 1942-31 Jan 1943) Special Purpose Higher Signals Leader with Army High Command 12 then with Wehrmacht-Commander South-East (01 Feb 1943-14 Mar 1943) Air-Signals-Telephone-Inspector of the Luftwaffe (15 Mar 1943-28 Jun 1943) Signals-Leader with Air-Region-Command XXXIX, Athens then with Luftwaffe-Staff Greece (29 Jun 1943-31 Jul 1943) Signals-Leader with the X. Flying-Corps (01 Aug 1943-21 Mar 1944) Führer-Reserve OKL – Placed to the Disposal of Air-Region-Command VI (22 Mar 1944-24 Apr 1944) Signals-Leader with Air-Region-Command VI, Münster (25 Apr 1944-14 Jan 1945) General with Special Duties and Inspector of Wehrmacht-Signals-Commanders in OKW with Communication-Affairs (15 Jan 1945-03 May 1945) In US Captivity (03 May 1945-12 May 1947) Released (12 May 1947) Decorations & Awards: - 1914 EK I - 1914 EK II - k.u.k. Österr. Militär-Verdienstkreuz III. Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration - Verwundetenabzeichen, 1918 in Schwarz - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. bis II. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 01.10.1938 - Spange zum EK II - Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. bis I. Klasse mit Schwertern
  13. Congrats Paul! A great grouping handed down from one great collector to another. Nice to “keep it in the family,” as it were. =) J-
  14. Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing this one. If it couldn’t be in my collection, I’m glad it is in yours! Another great bar in a great overall lot. Usually we have to buy a lot of hum-drum bars for the one or two we actually want. But most of the bars included in this lot were very good. As I had shared, I don’t think that this bar can be identified; too bad there aren’t any other equally unusual decorations over and above the one to cross reference. Perhaps there’s something I’m missing and you’ll have better fortunes, though. There are some amazing researchers on this forum. Regardless, a very nice bar and unusual for what it is. Congrats again for picking up some very nice bars for your collection! =) J-
  15. Hi Ron, Yes, I realize that. My point was that sometimes when names are removed, they are done less meticulously than intended. Meaning surviving clues can sometimes lead to an ID regardless. Best regards, Jason
  16. Hi Bill, Yes it is - that's what I had meant when I mentioned that the name tag was intact. Best regards, Jason
  17. Here's a wonderful Major-equivalent tunic and trousers which still retains its tailor label and name tag. Just a little soiling around the neck, but otherwise in superb condition on all accounts. Loops for a long ribbon bar and what appear to be an Iron Cross and spange. Best regards, Jason
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