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  1. Heh, must be funny to check makers marks drunk. Anyway, I know only about three makers using this core - Godet, Meybauer and Roesner. Does anybody know some others?
  2. Here is the reverse with the patent button. The small part of the ribbon under the button is the rest of 40 cm long ribbon. When I purchased this device, it was holding together only on a few threads, and from that 40 cm, more than 10 was already a separate piece. Ribbon is really very old and fragile, so despite gentle handling it is in three pieces now.
  3. I have the similar one. The bow you also showed, is only a half part of the whole device. Second part is cca 40 cm long ribbon, that was sewn at one end to the bow through the patent button. On the other end of the ribbon, there is a second part of the patent button. So I supposse it was worn around neck, while the bow was situated to the front and EK was hanging under it.
  4. That´s AWS. Unsoldered ribbon ring - and small ring on hump. Here is my turn. Quite easy, I think.
  5. I am talking about WAF terminology, I don´t know if there is some other. As I know, they are catalogued as they are produced. 1st core was first, 2nd core was cheaper pendant in the same time (that´s why always seen in alloy) and third core was used during third reich. PS: I don´t know if you see the photo of obverse, because I don´t, but when I want to edit the post, photo is there.
  6. Nice cross, but sorry, this is 1st core AWS, if you use WAF´s (streptile´s) terminology, of course. Third core looks like this (see photo). And the most rare is 2nd core. Miro
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