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  1. Here’s an update on my research. Cosimo C. Turrisi. 68th Special Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Italian Liberation Corps. The Corpo Italiano di Liberazione (CIL) was officially created April 18th 1944. It’s first introduction to combat was “Operation Chianti”, the intended goal was to occupy the line between Monte Marrone and Picinisco, so Valle Venafrana and Abruzzo National Park would be under Italian control. On May 27th, at 7.00am shelling from 11th Artillery Regiment (part of 2nd Battalion) initiated the operation. The preliminary bombardment was r
  2. Ok, I understand now. As always Claudio I appreciate your help.
  3. Very excited about a recent purchase. This Al Valore Medal in Bronze was awarded to Cosimo Cortrino Turrisi. He was a scout in the 68th Lengano Infantry Regiment, Italian Liberation Corps. I'm having trouble translating his citation but from what I understand, Cosimo was attacking an enemy stronghold with fierce fire until a grenade killed Him. Here is what I have: "strong enemy attack, to give greater eificacia to fire the weapon if you chose the most 'dangerous place He kept it with daring obstinacy until the grenades contact of the contact. mortally wounded still offered the example o
  4. thanks Claudio, I had a feeling this was a "private purchase"/ engraved example. I know many veterans did this because they didn't want to ware the "real" ones. I dont remember where, but I thought I read somewhere that during the civil war some companies didn't put thier mint mark in the dies to prevent persecution. Is this true?
  5. It just came in yesterday, here are some photos for reference. The box is just for the photo.
  6. Thank you Claudio, I appreciate your help. Silvano was a very brave man! I do just have two questions about the citation. What do "P.M." And "M.M." Stand for?
  7. Hello everyone. I've always have trouble navigating the Italian Gazzete, I'm trying to look up a Valore Medal in Bronze citation to silvano gaiardoni for actions on Leros island (Greece) 1943. Thanks.
  8. For those that are curious, thought out the years I have continued to look into researching this man. With some help from fellow collectors and a bit of luck, here is what I have so far. Ruggero V. Colbertaldo was born December 16th, 1891 in Palermo Sicily. He enrolled in the Infantry College in Modena in 1912. Ruggero served During the First World War on the front lines as a Lieutenant and by the wars end he would make Captain. During the inter-war years, Captain Colbertaldo was a public administrator of a veterans group for officers, His service to the country and
  9. I'm trying to research an Italian WWI service and I'm having a difficult time. Normally I wouldn't think too much into it but he was awarded a Legion of Honor and CdG. I've never heard of an Italian decorated with a French order so I believe there is a chance to identify the recipient. So here's what is known off the bat. 1) veteran of the First Ethiopian War, Turkish War, and WWI. 2) judging by this span of service (20-25) he could be a field grade officer. I suggest field grade because of the rosette on the LoH ribbon. The Lowest class or Cavalier class was given to Noncoms and Enlisted m
  10. Just bought this exquisite ribbon bar, is there anyway to look up Italian soldiers/officers awarded the Legion de Honor?
  11. Hello everyone. I'd first like to say that I have really enjoyed reading this thread and have learned quite a bit. Here is my contribution. I had this one researched by Auke. Pvt. Stepan K. Demidenko. Machine Gunner in the MG Company of the AA Battalion of the 183rd Tank Brigade. "During the fighting with the German-fascist invaders in July 1943, at which time he served as a machine gunner as part of a gun crew, he shot down an enemy aircraft. He deserves the Medal for Courage."
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