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  1. Hello Dwight, Welcome to the forum! Great to see you here! Dan: Any chance you have a photo you could post of the cigar case? Thanks. Luke
  2. It doesn't have this page, Martin. The last page has the newspaper articles and it is blank on the back of that page. Luke
  3. Martin: When I get home this evening I'll double check but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have the fallen crewmen page. Luke
  4. Joe: I think you might be right about there being only the one printing. In the back of my book it looks like two pages have very carefully been "cut" out. It's hardly noticeable! Thanks for posting your signed Mohr book. Awesome!! I'll get you pictures of those pages soon. I haven't forgot about them. Luke
  5. Thank you, Martin. I've learned a lot here already. I do have other interests but the Kriegsmarine is my main one. I have a few HK items that I'll post here sometime soon. Luke
  6. Martin, I have read Joe's book and I agree that it's excellent. What do you think my chances are of finding the Komet book? Thanks! Luke
  7. WOW! Some truly fantastic items here, Martin. I'm speechless! Thanks for showing. Luke
  8. Martin: I was going to do some research on Leube but luckily Joe has so kindly helped us out with that. I just assumed that he was part of the crew. Joe: Are those signatures from one of your books? Very nice! I'll get you pics of anything you want, no problem. Thanks to both of you for all of your help. Luke
  9. Martin: I received the book today. Here are a few pics, sorry but my camera is junk. No crew list in the back but it is dated 1944. I believe this belonged to Kurt Leube. Luke
  10. Thanks for showing this, Martin. You are lucky indeed. WOW! I can't believe all the great stuff that you've posted in this thread. That's a nice signed photo of Rogge. I'm lucky enough to have one like it. Luke
  11. Martin: I'll definitely post pictures when I get it. Thanks again for all your help. Awesome Ulrich Mohr signature! I've also heard that his signature is hard to come by. Really nice! Luke
  12. Martin: I went ahead and bought it this morning. Here's the pictures that I have of it. Thanks a lot! Luke
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