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  1. Nice Ones, Do you have any pictures of estonian ODM too??
  2. What does the enamelled ribbon signify?? I'm totally in dark when it comes to this particular enamel ribbon...
  3. I think that the order of the nile is somewhat compareable with our order of the Netherlands Lion, it's awarded for special service towards the republic of Egypt and also for merit. Megan's site remarks that it might be true that the order is no longer awarded, but I have seen a picture of one of my professors wearing both the knight Netherlands Lion and the egyptian medal, also knight's class. Thus I doubt that the order is in complete disuse. Kind regards, Jacky
  4. To me, it has a japanese look to it! The loop etc, the design, I think it's one of the japanese medals, I can't look for it right now, but I hope to have give you an idea where you will have to look. Kind regards, Jacky
  5. Or the answer may be too complicated for him/her, as one might find the medals UNNAMED, thus any provenance that this group belonged to this particular man may lack!! They have now added a CMG star, but where is the breast star?? If they have almost all his medals, why not his breaststar of the KCMG? now it's a mere CMG, which might open other possibilities concerning the decorandee. I'm still wondering whether the group is named, and then whether it's officially engraved or not.
  6. Bigger and clearer pictures might be of help, I can't see any clear details on this medal. The ribbon loop on the back appears japanese. Kind regards, Jacky
  7. Well, the german cross in silver wasn't a medal but a breast star, thus wouldn't have changed his bar, maybe some air-raid medals as he would have been on pensioned list by then? Further also a kriegsverdienstkreuz, an extra EK wouldn't be possible, only a spangen to his EK. Thus he might have added 2 medals to his bar, very very slight chance that he might be able to earn/get some awards from romania or italia. kind regards, Jacky
  8. fabulous medal bar, is it yours??? Wonder how much this would weigh. Perhaps was it his royal connection which helped him to obtain so much gongs to go with... As he was almost always in the neighbourhood when his royals exchanged medals, he might have caught his own bit of the ODM-rain
  9. You might be able to find him in the gazettes!! I found already one hit for you. Kind regards, Jacky Gazette
  10. It's not an order nor a commander's cross. It's very usual for senates/councils of student associates to wear a badge as a sign that they are representing their association. On the site of the KMA are several pictures of the council's, all of them wearing a badge. e.g. All the members of the council are wearing a badge, the one without is the Chef du Protocol. From your picture, I can clearly see that all of them are wearing 2 chevrons, thus all in their second year with the rank of Corporal-Cadet (Korporaal Adelborst). Kind regards, Jacky
  11. Thank you roeland, however, I already translated the letter in post number 3. Kind regards, Jacky
  12. Hello Paul, I'm glad to have been able to help you. As I'm no expert, I can't say a lot about it. But based on the text on the shield itself, I think it's a commemorative gift from the council. Not something to wear, in that case it would have been just a name of the bataillon, without a mention from the council who raised the 1/2 bataillon. Thus I think it's just something to show you have been there. Other members are more expericed with these badges. Kind regards, Jacky
  13. Hereby larger pictures of veteran's pictures, perhaps is my limit higher, but bigger pictures are nicer too. I like this particular piece. Kind regards, Jacky
  14. Thanks for the good hint megan, I have taken a look there, the loop for the ribbons look absolutely ugly, but time-wise is it a wise decision, otherwise her majesty would have to stand firm for more than one hour! Which is quite a long time for such a fragile lady of her age, but her character is absolutely stunning! She just keeps going.... but, for now, here is the link to the video. Video investitures And, what very nice is, is that they provide a transcript of the video, as I'm deaf myself, it's very nice to be able to have a transcript. That's something for which I can applaude the British, as the netherlands are quite hesitant to introduce more and more awareness for the deaf and those hearing-disabled. 20 Investitures are held at Buckingham Palace each year, and one at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. For many of those who are to be honoured, and for the guests that come with them, this is the first and only time in their lives that they will be received by The Queen in a Royal residence. Before they are presented with their honours by Her Majesty, recipients attend a briefing from the Lord Chamberlain's Office. [investiture briefing from the Lord Chamberlain's Office] "Ladies, a little curtsey if you will, gentlemen a little bow, and straight away move forward to the dais. The Queen is on the dais, you do not go onto the dais." [Once the National Anthem has begun] Honours recognise achievement in all walks of life and are given on the advice of the Prime Minister's Office. The Queen, as 'Fountain of Honour' in the United Kingdom, is responsible for awarding these honours. [The Queen's voice] "Investitures are traditional, and I'm always absolutely fascinated by the people who come and all the things that they have done. Some of them are very cleverly discovered. I think that's very important, that the system does discover people who do unsung things that perhaps the local people know about but nobody else does, and I think that's very satisfactory. This is also meant to be a pat on the back and I think people need pats on backs. It's a very dingy world otherwise." [Voices of recipients] "It's nice to be recognised for anything you do, but to be recognised at this level is particularly important." "I think it very rare to see the palace operating in the way that those great paintings show us palaces operated in the last century and the century before that. And I think it's the spectacle, plus, I think, meeting some very special people."
  15. Nice medal, also welcome to the club! Any name on the rim of the medal?? Kind regards, Jacky
  16. I obtained the images, and was able to read most of it. The shield on the badge reads: The council of Administration and Discipline of the 2nd Battaillon of the 6th 1/2 brigad Batavian (Dutch) Armed Civil Guard. Department Delft in the Hague. The letter says: Batavian Republic the 22th of Januari 1798, Our country was divided in 8 departments: of the Eems, Old Ysel, Rhine, Amstel, Texel, Delf, Dommel, Schelde and Maas (Most of which are names of major rivers in the Netherlands) Each department had to raise 1/2 brigad of armed civil guard. For the department of Delft was this the 6th half Brigad. The council of administraton and Discipline was settled the " 's Gravenhage " (which is the old name of the Hague). The name Delf is still to be found in the name Delf-land wherefrom the municipal hall, as I remember, still is settled in Delft.
  17. I might be able to translate the letter if you could either post it bigger or send it to me in a readable format. Kind regards, Jacky
  18. As far as I know, Churchill never got peerage, he was offered the "Duchy of London", but declined it because his son wanted to follow his father into politics, Then peers were banned from the house of commons, thus due to his sons pressures, churchill denied the peerage and accepted instead knighthood. But Lord Beaverbrook was closely linked with churchill's finest years in the second world-war, he served in his cabinet in various posts. Kind regards, Jacky
  19. If it's not a pour le merite What is he wearing below his throat? Johanniter? Kind regards, Jacky
  20. another point should be that he must be danish as he's wearing the silver merit cross!! Which is only awarded to danish who already have earned a grade of the dannebrog order. Please, feel free to correct me. Kind regards, Jacky
  21. Roeland, I saw that one too, but that was a 3rd class, the officers class, however, it looked tiny to me and also missing a rosette Whereas the one discussed here is a 4th class, the most encountered class. But yes, high bids.....
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