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  1. Impressive collection..! I have 4 such medals and because they are so hard to research I rely on finding a unique name to track on Ancestry. - My latest medal is a George V one to Constable Ormonde Stockwell - he is unique on Ancestry and was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK not far from my home town. I bought one to Constable Septimus Dixon - sadly this is not a unique name would you believe...so I am trying to narrow dates down to find the exact man. If you have an idea which force the man served in (Ormonde Stockwell was definitely West Riding Police) you could try contacting the force direct for help. Best of luck Steve R
  2. Many thanks for picking one of my pictures - My Dad would have been honored.
  3. Liberation day parade Cannes 2007

    © Steve Robinson

  4. Liberation day parade Cannes 2007
  5. RAF Swinderby - Gone but not forgotten.

    © Steve Robinson

  6. "Jesus Christ only had twelve, you know, and one of them was a double."

  7. Jesus Christ only had twelve, you know, and one of them was a double.'

  8. Hi all, my Tamgha-i-Khidmat III (2nd style) arrived today to go with my Tamgha-i-Khidmat III (1st style) Iy came in a London jewellers box - can anyone tell me if these awards were made in the UK - I thought they would all have been made in Pakistan. By the way - I just got some ribbon from ebay - There is currently a guy selling from Pakistan ( search "medal pakistan") 99 pence a yard..! He only has a limited stock though so depends what you want..?
  9. Hi Brian and all, My Tamgha-i-Khidmat III has arrived here is a quick pic - I will take a comparison pic with my 1st version Tamgha-i-Khidmat III later. Medal was in a London jewellers case but Im not sure if this is original I thought these awards were made in Pakistan - Can anyone enlighten me..?
  10. Very nice group - congratulations. Great info as well - I have seen a book on ebay some time ago about Pakistani medals and decorations - cant remember what it was called though. Was for sale from a Pakistani source too. Steve R
  11. The medal I have also has no marking at all, either maker's or hallmark. Steve R
  12. Thanks for the clarification - I agree that these medals are an interesting collecting field - My favorite at the moment is the ministry of defence version - I wonder what Miss Bedat did there..? SR
  13. My last offering is a ministry of defence medal awarded to Miss S. Bedat 1984. A very much more "modern" image on the face.
  14. Great pictures - here are some from my French collection. Left to right... 1. Awarded to Monsieur A. Nicot 1965 from the ministry of work and social security 2. Awarded to Madame O. Nicot 1965 from the ministry of work and social security 3. Awarded to Madane O. Nicot 1974 from the ministry of work Note the change in the reverse from 1965 to 1974 and the change of ministry name. Can anyone tell me what the thin blue, white and red band attached to the third medal is for..?? Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. Steve R
  15. In this case I think we can as the medal in question was only made "officialy" for a short period in the 40's by Gaunt of London. It is now quite rare and therefore maybe prone to faking. SR
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