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  1. Hey Chip! Thanks for the Information about the ribbon. I will watch out for a complete piece and replace it then. But for now i am very happy with this. MfG Andi
  2. Hello! I'm Andi from Germany. I'm 28 years old and i collect german imperial Militaria since i am a teenager. I'm new in the Forum and so i want to start my first topic and say Hello to all. When i was at a flea market i was able to purchase a nice 100 years anniversary Medal form Infantry Regiment Nr. 116 from Gießen. I don't think that the necklet was on the Meldal all the time. I think there was some kind of band on it. Its a massive Medal and made of high quality. Do you also have an example of this Medal to show? So i think it's a nice find. What do you think?
  3. Hello Brian! Thanks for your compliments. Your book sounds verry intresting! Can you please inform me when it is out in the stores? Can you show some example pages? I have one more M1915 Cap. These are my first Caps. I am looking for more, but i don't need to explain to you that they are very rare to find and when you find one they are verry expensive. Those two caps i bought this year and my budget is empty now for this year. Your cap is also a verry beautiful piece. Congratulations! Best wishes Andi
  4. Hello there! I just want to pick up this wonderful thread to show you my new Model 1916 Fieldcap. The Soldier Josef Ryba served with K.u.K. Infantry Regiment 75 and later with Gebirgs-Schützen-Regiment Nr. 1.. The sheath to apply the Spielhahnstoß was sewed by the Soldier during the war after his transfer to the Mountaintroops. In my opinion a wonderful preserved cap. Are there more Fieldcap Collectors out there? I'm looking forward to see some more of your caps! Beste wishes! Andi
  5. Ah ok, so the fieldgrey forum will be online soon, i think :-) I would love to see a few more photos from your collections. Here is an other one of my collection. It shows a Alpenkorps Soldier in Romania. On the backside it is datet to the 19th of march 1918. Greetings Andi
  6. Hi! Sorry, for my late answer! Ah yes, i think we know us from the Feldgrau-Forum. Do you know why they are offline? Hackerattack? @Chris Boonaizer: This is a real nice site! Congratulations! I love your Snowshoe-Photos! Can you tell me more about them? Are they from an estate? Greetings Andi
  7. Hey! I'm new here in the Forum. I am from Germany and i collect photos and dokuments about the Alpenkorps and other Mountain-Troops of the Imperial Germany Army. I'm sorry for my bad englisch, but i think you will understand me. In my Blog you can see a part of my collection: http://kammi-archiv.blogspot.com If you like it, i am going to post more photos. Here you can see a photo of Snowshoe-Troops in a trench. In front of the trench is an explosion of a handgrenade. Hope you like it and greetings! Kammi
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