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  1. Hello Gents, First of all message to the gaffers..not sure if this is the correct area for this topic but please move it to a more suitable place if it isn't... Today I purchased, (at the car boot sale), a box of 35mm slides....I picked out 1 or 2 randomly and all appeared to be of military vehicles, so I enquired as to the price and was told £3...Well the specially made box is worth more than that...I took them to where I was stalled out and during the customer less moments started to look through them..All seemed to be of Russian military vehicles...I went and asked the guy whe
  2. Hello gents, Since January I have been collecting Frauenwerk and Frauenschaft badges and other related items...I collated my purchases the other day to ensure I don't purchase a badge of a maker I already have...In my small but perfectly formed collection I have a badge of what I deem lesser quality and of a painted finish rather than the usual enamel. It has the RZM number M1/185..Now in my RZM list there is no M1/185 but a little research has led me to believe badges were made in this manner near the end of the war ,( I have seen HJ badges of the same construction/finish), and the M1/185 nu
  3. Hello Gents, Thank you again for the information....the ww2 set now sold to a collector...but I have just aquirred 12 ww1 victory medals all for The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.. the dealer I bought them off has a large quantity of R.WAR.R ww1 medals ..pairs and singles all from one [rivate collection so many may not have been on the market for some time...chris
  4. Good idea ....why didn't I think of that......the WW1 medals are as follows 17351 private H.J.Morgans Welsh Regiment. I have the 1915 star and B.W.M...(although the latter is missing suspender and is not in fantastic shape ). He has two MIC one as Morgan one as Morgans...the B.W.M has morgans the star morgan. I have his dog tags for 14th welsh and cap badge..Unfortunatly his victory medal is missing......It would be great if these two setts of medals were "related"....the auctioneers I go to do a lot of house clearance and as these were in a lot together it is pretty safe to say they came
  5. Hi Michael...that is very interseting as there is a couple of south wales borders cap badges too, I purchased a job lot in auction...had some ww1 medals too for an unrelated person in welsh regiment along with his dog tags and badges . As it was a job lot of bits and bobs including some stamps and coins I had not connected the ww2 medals and the cap badges... thanks chris
  6. Hello Gents, I have put research into the ww1 trio in my recent post on the back burner for now...I have today purchased a group of four ww2 medals in lovely condition, war medal, defence medal, burma star and 1939-1945 star, along with transmittal slip from Army Council and wax packets. Also included is a pair of dog tags....now despite trying to find info on ancestry.co.uk ,(it is the only one I am subscribed to pay for), I cant find him...his details on the tags are:- 3911024 D CHARLES...regards chris
  7. Hi paul, no mention on C & R on the mic, but I have had a 1914 trio before which i posted on here and there was no mention of C & R on that MIC but after help from the knowledge bank here it turned out that it was eligible for the clasp and rosette.. chris
  8. Hi guys, I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge I come across on here...So here I go again with another cry for help... I would like to know how to establish if a mons star is eligible for the clasp and rosette. The medals I am asking about are for a private in the 3rd the kings own hussars. On his MIC it states he entered the theatre of war on the 09/09/1914. From what little I know I believe they fought in northern france and saw action from day one. He survived for a further 16 months. As usual I am very gratefull for any help. kind regards chris
  9. Hi ukok, Thanks for that ..here are the photos of the reverse sides, ( don't know why I didn't think to post them in original text )...chris
  10. Hello there, I purchased some WW2 medals today, all sold as original. Two of which were the Atlantic Star. I have followed the advice on the posting at http://gmic.co.uk/in...ke#entry100265. the crown is raised there are 4 and half dots in between the lines on the crown, the cushion in the crown has detail, the V I are joined at the top, they are both the same thickness....but any advice given will be appreciated ..please take a look at the photos..the one with the ribbon has a bigger ring and is shinier...cheers chris
  11. Hi Mike, so I'll start negotiations off at £250 and aim to pay £275 and maybe make a little profit when I sell on..after I have done some research..Medal index cards, CWGC.org, etc etc....I will give the guy a call tomorrow to open negotians LOL....will post phots and details here If I purchase them ...Thanks again Chris
  12. Hi guys....I have been offered a family group of medals as follows...Queens South Africa medal with five bars,(I cant remember which five), awarded to a private,(again cant remember his name), in the 6th Dragoons. There is a small photo of the recipient cut from a carte de viste. There is a group of ww2 medals awarded to his son or grandson...I believe he sufferd injuries but died the following day when the transport ship he had been transfered to was sunk. there is also a general service medal awarded to another family member with a malaya bar. along with the medals there is also a bundle of
  13. ok as promised here are the photos of my latest purchases....the 2nd Pattern Orts Level NS. Frauenschaft Leader’s Staff Membership Badge with makers mark m1/27 is approx 36mm by 36mm and looks like it would benefit from a gentle clean. the other one is approx 31mm x 31mm..as usual any comments and advice are apreciated...chris
  14. Hello folks....it's been a while but have been busy with other stuff...anyway just been to medal & militaria fair and picked up two more badges......firstly Deutsches Frauenwerk badge with makers mark m1/185. this one is not enamel but has black painted background...this cost £14 and secondly a 2nd Pattern Orts Level "NS. Frauenschaft Leader’s Staff Membership Badge with makers mark m1/27...this cost £20..I will post photos later ...chris
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