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  1. Dear sirs, here you can find some of my Kriegsmarine items. These items are for sale(See Salesroom or PM me). Cheers Olli Peilkranz
  2. Hello Gentleman, many thanks for the pics and sharing your knowledge. Do you have pics shown the backside of the scimitars grips? In 2010 was a very interessting performance on the military fair in Kassel showing how fakes were made using zinc. And they had scimitars mounted on a ring! Those scimitars ring match for Medjidie and Osmanie and it was installed under the ring which surrounded the center(Thugra). The prices for pieces like this are very high. So It's better for a collector to be 100% on the save side. Many thanks and all the best for 2012 S.
  3. Gentleman, merry chrismas everyone. I'd like to hear your opinions on this piece. The sabregrips on the backside doesn't look good to me. What do you think. http://www.ebay.de/i...=item3a6e587251 All the best S.
  4. Hello Thomas, I think it could be "Maschinen Gewehr Ausbildungs Kompanie, 6.Batallion, 2.Abteilung" Best regards S.
  5. Hi Ben, i don't have any idea of the emblem, sorry. But is it possible to post your other tiles. Best regards and Bonne Annee Olli
  6. Hi Jerome, looks like a real good book. Many thanks for the information. All the best S.
  7. Dear sirs, did you noticed the new auction at Hermann Historica(Munich). Some nice items for an u-boat collector. Items are from - Karl-Friedrich Merten, U-68 www.hermann-historica.de Best regards Sto
  8. Hello reinoudmilitary, nice thread. Can you please post photos of your sidecap emblems . Best regards Sto
  9. Hello Jan, very nice eagle on your badge! Breast and wings looks plastic. And i like these kind off eye. Best regards Sto
  10. Hello Gordon, the condition is really amazing. Looks like "fresh from the vendor", just ready to wear... Can you please post a photo from the rear. Best regards Sto
  11. Hello Francois, nice item. I never saw this befor. The right letter could be an "L" i think. Unfortunaly something is missing on the left side of the star. Maybe some letters?! Hope you find out what it could be. Best regards Sto
  12. Hi Dale, here's mine. It's a good copy of the original austrian empire u-boat badge, awarded in April 1910. Original badges are hard to find and very expensive! Take a look at weitze.net in Hamburg. I think he sale one. Best regards Sto
  13. Hello gents, great plaques. Some i never saw befor. Many thanks for sharing them with us. Here is my only plaques. It from the german imperial submarine UC 75. It was a UC II Mine Layer, build in 1916 on the Hamburger Vulcan Werke. Best regards Sto
  14. Hello Martin Congratulation ! You own a wounderful (very rar) find. Many thanks for sharing! Best regards Sto
  15. Dear sirs, what do you think about this medal. I only know it from the book "Pride and Privilege". It's pretty used. Do you think it's a good one? http://cgi.ebay.com/OTTOMAN-TURKEY-ALBANIA-SCUTARI-ISKODRA-CAMI-NUSRET-1831_W0QQitemZ290366734850QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item439b34c202 Best regards Sto
  16. Congratulation Guenther, you once more surpriced us with beautiful items from your collection. Best reagrds Sto
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