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  1. Dante I believe there is original footage of soldiers using this type of phone, even generals maybe Ludendorff barked into yours back when lol! Eric
  2. Hello My former issue feldgrau tunic to this regiment was dated 1908 unfortunately i no longer have images, interestingly the shoulder boards were square top not pointed. Eric
  3. I like the zinc job Chris does it have the ration marks and spork shelf ? There was a trans period the collectors on the French Forum have some beauties. Eric
  4. I owned one from .de sorry I didn't like it and gave it away, they show from time to time and always mint. The leather stamping,s and copper rivets? think I paid 30 bucks for it. Bavarian Frog has a necktie front in my opinion and are quite scarce. Eric
  5. Nice Chris whenever I got a tunic I couldn't resist trying it on, always amazed at the quality even with the issue jobs back then. Eric
  6. These are kind of neat and not that easy to find in good condition this one I passed along to a friend, sometimes they pop up on ebay.de. a matchbox protector. Eric
  7. Blooming heck! another Chris wait and see job, btw on the title question whats Chip look like I've never seen the old duffer in person. Eric
  8. Underground bunker, has three 'rooms' hope you like it, over the last 18yrs its got a bit rough but still holding up. gigs are fun once you're in the period zone mentally or just plain nuts. Eric
  9. Nice Chris how about getting some period photos and having them blown to large posters, I've seen it before looks very dramatic doesn't matter if they covered a bit, like a wall paper backdrop. Eric
  10. I like everything though, so what if Jerry used a normal carrier. Chip I didn't keep a record of the markings sorry me loose jobs without carriers I sold to Bunker. I think they used them to pretty much level the gun in the field myself, cutting bushes whatever. Eric
  11. The carrier on the mg shovel is incorrect, its for a standard e-tool. Eric
  12. Nice photos Those early issue mantels [104th Saxon] complete with boards and collar patches, have to be the rarest uniform items I've only luckily owned one 30yrs ago. It was very expensive for the day $1700 ! [Württemberg] I may have seen one in the IWM London but can't remember if it had patches or not [red]. Eric
  13. Nice buttons but I think you'd need the loops Chip are yours sewn on? Eric
  14. Whats that behind the gunners right shoulder in the trench photo if you don't mind me asking? Eric
  15. uumm I'm not really up on TR wool I do know someone if its a big deal, anyway I'd like to know too. Did I tell you my father brought back a DAK cap and a belt buckle from North Africa, when I was about 12yrs the old bugger took them back out my bedroom, he found out they were worth a few bob "Mam, where's me hat?" " Idiot sold em, you should have hid it" LOL! Eric
  16. Could well be Chris is there a maker stamp ie inside one of the pockets? I'd check the DAK forum no disrespect here, I do know they are quite scarce. Eric
  17. I have some with the front back side seams, found in Germany 20yrs ago. Personally I think they are pre war upon mobilisation. I've given a couple away to other collectors. They were filthy and had shrunk I washed one in borax with hot water, I think they are 'sewing groups' item quickies. Whatever call me crazy but I like the material and stitching for me they are W1 not found in reference books. Eric
  18. I doubt they cutout tags with metal shears, Don look at the patina on yours and the edge what I see looks fine. btw you can still come across the old die sets they don't make tools like they used to. Another thing one can do is check the gauge of the material or measure with a mic. A tag copy is a tank of gas or a grocery bill, course that's nothing to you high rollers, caviar and champagne dudes.
  19. Chris The top tag looks cut and the cord holes drilled, I think they were punched out and the font is very unevenly stamped like a one off. imo
  20. Something wrong with the camera lens look to the soldiers right its like funky mirrors at an amusement arcade although its late and I've been drinking, no one has arms that long. LOL! Happy New Year
  21. Les The waf dudes are rattling on about those SS non decals that apart from dealers nobody really favoured imo. I thought you'd be interested, I can't see the darn pics of course or Val link,,,was wondering how they may react to a UV light? http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=834155 Also do you recall an excellent SS and party decal that came out around 1980? They were very good fixed with clear lacquer but three points: a. they were very 'thin' b. failed UV and c. the party decal red field was the wrong 'shade'. I was one person that got done buying one. This was of course pre more modern fakes. Actually I wish I still had that helmet to show people, there is no doubt in my mind they still catch out the unwary. Eric
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