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  1. Gentlemen, How prevalent was this style of beading on Imperial crosses 1870 & 1914 ? Best illustrated by Wernitz (T8) on an 1813 EKII it is said to have simplified the production process quite significantly. Personally, I don't find it half as attractive as the more conventional sharp-angled corners but am curious to know how widespread the practice may have been. Have any particular makers been identified as having adopted this practice ? There is a wealth of knowledge represented on this forum so what's your own experience/take on this guys ? Thanks in advance for your views.
  2. Vince, I'm sure that is true. However, this has been in my possession for over 35 years and back then the main thing you had to keep an eye out for were convincing post-war replicas - usually Souval restrikes. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you gentlemen for all your comments which are both welcome and appreciated. While I am satisfied that the cross itself is a genuine piece, the consensus here suggests that the engraving could be spurious. That may, of course, be entirely correct in which case it seems that the cross held by the IWM in London may be equally so due to its similar lack of umlaut ? The slightly inflated price that I paid hardly reflected the trouble that somebody went to in adding the engraving but one has to admire their nous in sourcing a genuine Godet cross to add it to. It all makes for an interesting co
  4. Claudius, There are no umlauts on my cross. But the correct spelling of the pilot's name is Bäumer. Scottplen, I'm unsure if your question was to me or exactly what you mean by 'valid'. The inscription is as you see it and conforrms in most details with that on the EKI held by the IWM in London. From what I can make out, their inscription has no umlauts either. Thank you all for your interest. Gordon Craig describes the correct individual.
  5. The pin is stamped with a G. The cross is inscribed V.FELDW P. BAUMER JAGDSTAFFEL BOELCKE 8.11.17
  6. After some very mild polishing, these seem to be the best close-ups I can obtain with my camera. Hope they will suffice.
  7. Hi Claudius, Thanks your the reply. Sorry for the fuzzy photos, let me see if I can post better images.
  8. I am hoping that some knowledgeable members here will offer an opinion on this cross which has been in my collection for over 35 years. It was purchased from a reputable dealer who had an outlet in Brighton Lanes back in the early-'80s. It was a tad over-priced being inscribed for a pilot of Jagdstaffel Boelcke but the significance of the recipient was in no way reflected in the asking price so I snapped it up. So far so good but a few years later, an illustration of another EKI bearing a similar inscription appeared on p140 of V.E. Bowen's Prussian and German Iron Cross (1986). This vaulted c
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