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  1. Very nice collection! The Korea-period Van Heutsz cap badge is particularly good! Just one thing though - the Royale 22e R. shoulder title is a 1960s' varient and should be in felt rather than US style embroidery. Is the UN medal with the Glosters' title real? Perhaps it is just the photograph, but it looks rather like the much later replacements. Good collection though!
  2. Nice pieces! It would be nice to see some more pictures of your Korean War collection too!
  3. Apologies for my ignorance and I might be wrong, but I believe that all three are North Korean (rather than Chinese) and only the right one is actually Korean War...
  4. Hi Brett, I recognise the type of PUC in the picture - I believe a Canadian regiment (PPCLI ?) still also wear a home-produced version of the citation they won in Korea similar to that. BP
  5. Hello everyone! I'd just like to share my latest finds, two British medal ribbon groups from the Korean War - presumably awarded to the same chap. I'd just like to know one thing - since I don't know the name of the man who won them (and there seems to be no way of finding out) - I'd like to know how many British soldiers were Mentioned in Dispatches during the war? Since 14,000 campaign medals were awarded, I believe, it would be nice to narrow it down. Thanks! BP
  6. Thanks! That would certainly make some sense, considering the reverse: Tergau might well be a place in North Korea. Unfortunately there is no literature on the Bulgarian participation in the Korean War (in English anyway) to check it with. Then, vandalising Valter's translation a bit, would this work: "Considering medical records of next week's patients, 53rd Hospital in Tergau region 1953" Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, I recently bought a photo, and would be really grateful for, if possible, a translation of the cyrillic text on the back. It was taken by a doctor attached to the Bulgarian Hospital in North Korea, during the Korean War. Any help anyone could give me would be really appreciated!!! Best wishes, BP
  8. This type? Certainly awarded for service other than in Korea. Again, it was designed to follow the WW2 service type and issued to veterans who missed the application date. BP
  9. Interesting that he doesn't mention the bar? It is a shame that it does not state its issue dates.
  10. Not really. You quite often see them issued to veterans of WW2 and others. For those who missed the cut-off date for issue of the 1940-5 volunteer medal, It was often awarded. It is certainly possible to have the same medal, not awarded for Korea and thus without the bar.
  11. Hello, Just a question I've had on my mind for a few months now. Belgian UNO medals, like mine below, are "meant" to have a COREE-KOREA (or similar) bar, but I have observed about a douzen for sale - from different sellers, in different countries and with different fastenings - that lack this bar. I am sure that some medals might have lost the bar, but it seems unlikely that it would be so common. So what other explanation is there? Could it be that soldiers in Korea after the armistace got the medal, but not the bar? Here is my example: I'd welcome your comments. Best wishes, BP
  12. I've seen one or two (loose) in my time of collecting. Usually sell for a lot anyway. Besides, why would you want to? A Volunteer medal without Coree-Korea clasp is not a Korean War medal.
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