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  1. Thanks Graham! I never got a notification of your reply, hence my own late reply!
  2. LOL, usually people are happy to receive the award and have to wait a long time for the certicate. You can buy the badge in most army stores. Or you can look at the Dutch eBay clone: http://www.marktplaats.nl/z.html?query=MLV
  3. Looks like something is pinned to the front of the ribbon. Any change of a picture of that side?
  4. Goudsmit also supplied the Order of Malta. Looks like this is a case for a Dutch-made Maltese Cross of Merit.
  5. It's the box that makes this one rare. I would guess on auction it could reach 1200 - 1500 euro's.
  6. The British medal is the Sea Gallantry Medal (Foreign Services), which was awarded to Van Iersel for his actions while serving on the Danish merchant vessel s.s. Oluf Maersk: On 2 February 1917, the schooner Little Secret, of Fowey, was in a sinking condition in the North Atlantic Ocean. In response to signals of distress the Oluf Maersk, approached the vessel and launched her lifeboat under the command of Mr. Godtfredsen and manned by the seamen named. After considerable difficulty the Little Secret was reached and her crew of five hands were takenon board the Oluf Maersk and convoyed to New York. Very considerable risk was incurred in rendering the services, on account of the heavy seas which prevailed at the time. The seamen mentioned: Mads GODTFREDSEN, Second Mate Christian Bernhard NIELSEN, seaman Niels Peter SIMONSEN, seaman Luderus Matheus van Jersel, seaman Source: The Sea Gallantry Medal by R.J. Scarlett (OMRS, 2010). As can seen, the name of Van Iersel is misspelled in this book. I came across his decoration in a Dutch newspaper article from 25 June, 1925, which stated that Van Iersel, before joining the U.S. Army sailed in the merchant navy. During that period he saved the life of five persons and got awarded both British and U.S. Lifesaving Medals. So appearantly one of the unknown medals yet to be determined is a U.S. Lifesaving medal. The article also mentioned that Van Iersel received, beside these medals and the Congressional Medal of Honor 14 medals and 8 honorable mentions, amongst which: the Distinguished Service Cross, the French Military Medal, 2 Croix-de-Guerres with palmes and stars.
  7. Thanks Roel, Completely forgot about this thread, but I had read the thread on the Onderscheidingenforum already! Cheers, Erik
  8. One thing is for sure: he's wearing a Military Pentathlon Cross, but isn't listed at http://www.militairevijfkamp.nl/ as a recipient or participant (and the list is complete since it started in 1916!)
  9. Do you mean of the awards themselves or members of the ambulance wearing Greek medals?
  10. I know some KMar-personnel received either the CIB or the CAB in Iraq. I also know one KMar-Sergeant who received the U.S.M.C. Combat Action Ribbon.
  11. Not quite correct Herman. In the Bosnian conflict some CIB's were awarded to Dutch NATO-troops which went on patrol with US Recon Units. They were, however, not allowed to wear the badge by the Dutch Ministry of Defence since we (the Dutch) were in involved in a peacekeeping mission and not in 'Combat'.
  12. Dear James, There were at least four semi-official medals which were issued to the Amsterdam Police (and which were allowed to be worn on their uniform). These were the Commemorative Crosses 1898, 1923, 1938 and 1948. Commemorative Cross 1923 Amsterdam Police Commemorative Cross 1938 Amsterdam Police Commemorative Cross 1948 Amsterdam Police Commemorative Cross 1898 Amsterdam Police With kind regards, Erik Muller
  13. Does anyone know if there are medal rolls for the Deutsches Olympia-Ehrenzeichen and -Medal? I'm looking for the Dutch recipients. So far I've found: 1. klasse G. van ROSSEM, secretary of the Netherlands Olympic Committee, advisor to the Organisation Committee of the 1936 Olympics, Reserve-Major for Special Duties of the General Staff of the Royal Netherlands Army Pieter Wilhelmus SCHARROO, vice-president of the Netherlands Olympic Committee, member of the International Olympic Committee, Colonel of Engineers, Royal Netherlands Army 2. klasse Jonkheer Isaac Laurens van den BERCH VAN HEEMSTEDE, Reserve-Major of Grenadiers, Royal Netherlands Army W.J.M. LINDEN, Reserve-Colonel of Infantry, Royal Netherlands Army Gijsbertus Jacobus SAS, Major of the General Staff, Royal Netherlands Army, Dutch Military Attache in Berlin Aaldrik Jan George STRENGHOLT, Sports reporter Medal None found yet, but appearantly awarded to all who participated?
  14. There's a very ugly standard for 60 years membership. I will upload an image later on.
  15. The Military Medal should have a swivel bar suspender and is made of silver. This medal appears to be bronze? No idea what it migt be :(
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