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  1. Is the rose red over the cornflower blue the 'peacetime' shoulder board combination and the earlier times underlay would have been only the rose red?
  2. Bayern: Thank you! I think that answers it. Given the darker green collar cloth, this may even be a post-war photo?
  3. ...is that a "7" beneath the crossed batons on the epaulette? 7th Dragoons?
  4. OK, what uniform is he wearing here? It is probably a Prussian uniform, because he gives precedence to his Prussian medals and orders, which he does not when he wears Bavarian uniform. He was an honorary 'chef' or ala suite to some Prussian regiments, a dragoon regiment, I think. Anyway, any ideas what this rig represents? What color would the shoulder cord underlay be?
  5. yes, so awards after that, if named, would reflect that 'HM...'. The VO chain, given by Edward VII, for example, would have 'HRH ..Prince of Wales'? As would other medals he had received between his investiture and accession.
  6. ...or HRM The Prince of Wales, depending when he got them? Would they be named at all?
  7. Yes. So, altogether, George V is wearing some pretty unique stuff, befitting his status as monarch and also making it pretty tough to recreate, at a reasonable cost, for a display.
  8. But the above photos, although ambiguous, seem to show a silver toned headpiece, not a yellow gold.
  9. The bottom color photo above shows what clearly looks like a white metal head. If it's gold, it's white gold, then.
  10. On a further link of recipients, I do see George V, awarded the chain by his father Edward VII.
  11. Didn't his own son, the future George V also receive the chain?
  12. My personal thanks to all who contributed. I think this has been 'nailed down'.
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