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  1. Alex K: Thank you! I think this has it! Still a puzzle why he wore these last two, in favor of others he might have done. The last one seems to be a Saxon decoration, Order of Albert the Glorious? Or the the 1903 Saxe-Altenburg Duke Ernest 1 Jubilee medal? The next to last, perhaps the 1902 Baden Jubilee medal?
  2. Deruelle: Thank you. I have seen a listing of his gongs in one of the German Army 'rangliste', which is comprehensive but won't narrow it down to what he chose to wear among his many medals. I date this photo to sometime in 1915, before he received the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross, or the oak leaves to his Pour le Merite, but after he received his promotion to Field Marshal. By their placement after the Centenary medal, it's likely they were either 'commemorative' or anniversary medals of some sort or non-Prussian German states medals.
  3. Really? No guesses? The next to last, with a solid dark ribbon (yeah, I know yellow photographs dark back then) could be a Saxe Coburg Gotha silver medal of merit decoration - not really significant enough? and the last one could be the Queen Victoria golden jubilee...but neither are likely.
  4. OK, here's another puzzler that shouldn't be hard. Hindenburg was known for generally wearing only Prussian awards on his medal bar. Yes, there are photos of him wearing Austrian medals when he was in Austrian uniform, etc. but generally he only war Prussian or Imperial medals and orders. (Uh, except, you know, that Oldenburg Friedrich August cross under his EK1). What are the last two medal on this medal bar, just after the Centenary medal?
  5. I'll check the precedence for that one. It precedes the campaign medals...
  6. It's been a while since I bothered anyone with British Great War leader ribbon questions (Jellicoe, last year). What is the ribbon between the Royal Victorian Order and the Sudan medal ribbon on the top row? My Spinks doesn't seem to show it. It also appears on the second portrait
  7. OK, here's another esoteric bit of useless trivia to investigate. What is the second ribbon, the one next to the Austrian Service Cross ribbon, with the round, white metal star device?
  8. Silver or white gold it is. Although it appears only briefly, this photo clip of Goering meeting Hitler at an airfield in 1940, probably in the fall as the Battle of Britain was beginning, shows the interimstab with white shaft and silver (some white metal, platinum, white gold, etc.) head and tip. It's post July 19, 1940 the date of his promotion and he's wearing a Luftwaffe blue uniform, not his dove gray rig but with the First Pattern (eagle on left collar, batons on the other), Reichsmarschall collar tabs and the shoulder boards. HItler is wearing his 'field uniform'. Good enough for me.
  9. No museum response, so let's give that up. Based on the Verlag book, (the sutures from the removal of one of my 'parts' for the cost of same have healed rather nicely), the Foch uniform photos suggest that the silver stars were worn on the 'field uniform' and the gold stars were worn on the 'parade'/dress uniform of the same cut. Anyhoo, if that's not right, I look forward to someone posting better information.
  10. ...and continues...IF there are no further photos, my conclusion is that the headpiece and ferrule cap are either white gold or platinum, silver colored metals, not yellow gold, based on the few color photos above. If you disagree, post a better photo.
  11. OK, sadly but not surprisingly, no response from the French museum of generals. However, I was interested enough in this topic to buy the wonderful but hideously expensive (at my age, I have less need for the body parts surrendered for the purchase), Verlag books on the WW1 French Army. Inconclusive. The photos of generals items show mostly silver stars but also a few gold stars; There is no particular explanation for this. Foch's uniforms, in particular two of his Marshal rigs, show both (I think; again, the size of the stars on one photo is not clear enough to distinguish between worn gilt
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