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  1. Dr. Snodgrass Ryan's example is interesting but may not explain Admiral Jellicoe's ribbons in the picture. I don't have any references to show when he was awarded many of his campaign medals and decorations and honors, except the wobbly Wikipedia. Like many senior officers, especially Royal Navy officers, he had some contact with officers of the Kaiserliche Marine, including, once, the Kaiser himself. Many such officers were awarded various degrees of the Red Eagle but it's not likely they continued to wear them after hostilities began. I can't explain the center, lower range ribbon. Can anyone identify it? According to the Wikipedia, my proposed ribbon bar above is what he should have been wearing.
  2. Exactly! And yet, look at the evidence here: There isn't any other ribbon like that, in his awards, that looks like this Red Eagle ribbon, white with red stripes (can only guess at the colors but the pattern is distinctive) and he's a full admiral, which means it's a wartime photo. Can anyone explain this?
  3. Besides being bad form, although a bit cheeky, are there regulations requiring the removal of awards from enemy countries?
  4. RE: Center ribbon bottom row; Is it possible he's still wearing the Prussian Red Eagle ribbon, even at this date? That would be very strange, yet there is no other medal in his 'inventory' at that time (1916) that would look like this. Any thoughts?
  5. I can't find a good color portrait of him at this early stage of his career; there are some online of him later on, post war. I am trying to replicate the ribbon array worn here, in this mid-war photo, around the time of Jutland (Skaggerak or what have you...).
  6. Understood. That medal was depicted on a portrait of Jellicoe as a Captain, not this later photo when he was an admiral. Any help with this particular medal ribbon array? A second question: Is the ribbon, worn on a ribbon bar, for the Order of Merit the very wide ribbon?
  7. What ribbons is he wearing" Bio says it should be: Order of the Bath + Order of Merit+ Victorian Order (Correct precedence here?) + Sea Gallantry medal + Egypt Campaign medal + China medal + George V Coronation medal. Some portraits of him as a Captain also show a Khedive's Star after the China medal.
  8. I buy these and other nation's replica orders and medals to fill loops on the recreated uniforms I have. My hobby is recreating museum quality replicas of uniforms and movie and TV costumes. This is not a cheap hobby. Even well made replicas require sometimes years finding the correct cloth, tailoring, insignia, buttons (Lots of stories of how hard to find these...let me know ify you have spare British field marshal buttons, won't you?) and MEDALS AND ORDERS. The difficulty of finding, not to say the cost of these would plague Bill Gates. Replicas are a convenient and reasonable cost alternative to empty loops. I don't view it as a 'problem' since even the better-made replicas are distinguishable from the real thing. All the copies I have were sold as copies. I understand the issue of fakes sold as real but becoming knowledgeable about these is part of the pursuit.
  9. OK, then everyone thinks this order of precedence for Leopold's medal bar is OK? 1. St George Order 1889 Jubilee Medal 2. Military Max Joseph Order 3. BVMO 3rd + swords (or Knight 1st, old statutes) 4. Ludwig Order 5. Iron Cross 2nd 6. Luitpold 1908 Jubilee Medal (70 Years) 7.. Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1870 Cross 8. 1870 Medal + 7 clasps 9. Bav 1866 cross 10. Prussian Centenary Medal 11. Saxon St Henry cross 12-14. Hanseatic Crosses Bremen, Hamburg, Lubeck 15. Bavarian 40 years service cross 16. Austrian 1898 Jubilee Tapferkeit cross 17. Austrian 1908 Jubilee medal 18. Turkish Lyakut medal
  10. Anyone have any corrections to the precedence last suggested above? Alles korrect?
  11. For the purposes of a repro medal bar, it looks like the 3rd class will do.
  12. Bitte! I wish to see the difference because I will make a reproduction of this medal bar. I hope there is no significant difference between the old Knight 1 and the later 3rd Class with swords, as only the latter is available as a reproduction.
  13. Pending the resolution of the 3rd place medal, is my stab at the medal bar order in the post above correct?
  14. Does this medal look the same as the Military Merit Order 3rd class with swords? I admit I'm not up to speed on some of the nomenclature but this medal looks like the blue enameled cross with the "L" in the central medallion that I call the Bavarian Military Merit Order and I'm not finding references to a 'knight's cross' for this. I am confused (a sadly common condition now at my age). The medal just visible beneath this one looks like a knight's cross for the Max Joseph Order.
  15. Spolei: Thanks for that. I am not sure. His other peacetime bar above, shows the 3rd Class and the photo medal looks too small to be the 1st class worn on the medal bar. Would it be possible he continued to wear the 3rd class on the medal bar, even if he had been awarded the 1st class or Grand Cross?
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