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  1. Its probably best if you post your info on this forum as there may be other members that may also wish to see the items and may even know some information or recognise the items if you still feel you wish to send me the pic directly please let me know I ll give you my e mail address I used to know a lot of older Chetniks in London years ago but now most have died. Names roughly where he lived and if known what part of his homeland he came originally from is very important. Regards nick
  2. Hi do you have any photos of him in uniform or any other documents usually regular soliders were taken p.o.w. Irregulars were often excecuted .What was his name all this might help this badge is a copy of the regimental standard central portion it says for king and fatherland Chetniks usually have sloboda ili smrt freedom or death or skull and crossbones however most Chetniks were regular army that acted as resistance movement or as irregular formations taking with them any army insignia they may have had or parts of uniforms
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