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  1. Hello I noticed that some rank stars are not always 100% identical. Is it just due to the manufacturing process beyond the years ? Please see my photos, stars on the left are more rounded while the ones on the right are a bit flatened.
  2. Hello I have this RSR academy badge in my collection but the screw thread is thinner as usual. Is it just a variant ?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Romanian army continued to use the old shoulder boards and uniforms only during the transitional period 1990-91. In 1991, they had totally different shoulder boards and new uniforms. I recently had the information from a romanian military who started his carreer in 1989.
  4. Hello Before 90, romanian army used the soviet system for the shoulder boards (like the one on the photo). I know they continued to use them in the following months after the communism collapse. But when did the new shoulder boards appear ? 90 91 ?
  5. They are the same except the closing system and the first one has no housing for the cleaning rod.
  6. Here is an other romanian holster also made by Flacara Rosie. This one has a different closing system and it has a housing for storing the cleaning rod, other one has not. Are you sure both are for the same weapon ?
  7. Hello Here is my romanian officer holster from the communist era. It was made by "Flacara Rosie" in 1987. Which model of pistol was used with this one ?
  8. Hello Could you let me know if this belt is really albanian from the communist era ?
  9. The seller says it's from albanian communist era but I would like a confirmation. Sorry, not any marking.
  10. Hello Here is an albanian holster. Could you let me know if it is from communist era ?
  11. Hello I have a romanian academy badge (RSR type) but the pin is uncommon. Somebody has already seen that kind of pin ? Thanks in advance for help ! 
  12. Hello Here is a romanian holster I have in my collection. It's dated "1987" but the lock looks uncommon. I would like to know if this holster was used by officers or for a civil use ?
  13. After some searches on Internet I have just to find a pair of shoulder boards from artillery with golden stars and insigna, the backroung is yellow. Nevertheless artillery is for combattant units, ranks and insigna should be silvered. What is your opinion ?
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