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  1. Hi, I tried to post in "Places to visit" but I couldn't :/ So I would like ask here. I am going to Klaipèda (ex Memel or Memelburg) and I would like to know what could visit there related to the Imperial Germany and IIWW. I have understood that everything was destroyed...
  2. Hello. Today I saw in a bazar some beautiful postcards with drawings of the Second Reich soldiers resting, with their families or flirting with women. The price of each one is 5 euros. It's so much? I do not collect postcards and just want to know. Thank you
  3. Hey, good to know it. I know, it is beautiful and easy to purchase. A nice item! Thank you Deruelle, rujab and Jason for your opinions too
  4. In any case, I like to know where to see them freely without buying them, just watching them. I do it with other items of militaria, is like walking into a store without buying anything physically but enjoy only Regards
  5. Thank you LeeJ for the information. I thought finally, I will try to get more economic thinks at the moment (I am a begginer) Regards
  6. Thank you for your opinions! My fauvorite item is the Iron Cross (I have one of the WW1, the other crosses like 1813 or 1870 are still quite expensive for me), but I am "open-minded" and I am interesting to know other pieces.
  7. Yes, it is primarily about the conservation of the cross inside because I never had militaria and I have no idea but anyway it is better than still have the cross in a small bag. So finally I have it ordered.If anyone is interested I will say him where I bought it (although it is in Polish). Greetings and thanks!
  8. Hello guys I just saw this on the internet. Opinions, please. Is it a good choice? How about conservation of the medals in these kind of objects? I need something nice and small to expose "my little cross" (as mygirlfriend say xD). It costs 6 euros and shipping costs are in the same country Description: Made of transparent Plexiglas with a thickness of 2mm and 3mm round off the base. Dimensions Width 70mm, height 130mm, depth 25 mm. 45mm x 90mm base. Thank you very much in advance P.S. In the title I would like put "EKII" and not "EKI", sorry
  9. Hello everybody! Could anybody recommend me Imperial militaria collecting online shops? I like the medals, jewelry ... You can write here or private. Thank you very much
  10. Hi! What are your favorite Imperial militaria items? Which is prettier? Is that you like for aesthetic relationship, meaning and affordable price? Please opinions!
  11. Hi, How to find an EKII 1870? Shops trust? I also search German militaria shops specializing in pre-World War II, so please if you have info or links abouts shops with this material please write me. Thank you!
  12. It seems that several soldiers prefered the cross on backwards. Me too,is more beautiful with the oak leaves :D I take the opportunity to thank everybody for the beautiful pictures. Iron Cross 1914 is my fauvorite collector's item. Nice post
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