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  1. Hello Uwe, Thank you very much. Best regards from France, Michel
  2. Hello, Can somebody translate this document, who signed ? Thanks in advance, Michel .
  3. Hello, I have this EK I in box since many years, but I don't know this type of box, can anybody give me indications or explanations ? Best regards, Michel
  4. I'm OK with you, but my opinion is for a Wächtler & Lange some minor differences appear, now for me it is the first time that I see this type of U-Boot badge in tombak. Did somebody see one ?
  5. Hello, I found this U-Boot badge, I have my idea on the maker but I will be curious to know your opinions. Thanks in advance, Michel
  6. Thanks for the pictures, not a textbook one but a good and nice cap. Best regards from France, Michel
  7. Hello Peter, At this time I think that the cap is propably a good one but restored or upgraded, more pictures are necessary. I like some parts but some other a little less. Which material inside ? Gaze on the upside lining ? Part on the front side ? Close up picture of the visor sewing ? Close up picture of the buttons sewing ? Close up picture of the sweatband sewing ? The name "Lutz" inside, but why U-591, other U-Boot Officers had the same name. Best regards, Michel
  8. Bienvenue au club Herv?, tu commences fort avec tes optiques j'attends la suite avec impatience... Welcome Herv?, you have a good starting with these opticals, I'm waiting the next things with impatience... Michel
  9. Hello Rick, 11th : 16,5 cm x 18,5 cm 9th : 20 cm x 25 cm Best from France, Michel
  10. Hello G?nther, Very nice restauration, however the glass compass is not the right model. See the picture below. Best regards, Michel
  11. Hello Daniel, Too expensive for a bund cap. In the futur, be carefull with the "von der AA" logo. Regards, Michel
  12. Hello All, Not a text book Kriegsmarine cap but at 99% a good one. Only a hand inspection for a definitive opinion. Best regards Michel
  13. Sebastien, We agree, Edouardo has a very nice collection. Now, the second part of your comment is not fairplay and not necessary, you are on GMIC, if you have a forum with Edouard as Moderator, it is not necessary to try to talk with him here, post comments only on the thread without publicity for your forum and you will be always welcome on GMIC. Regards, Michel S?bastien, Vous ne pouvez pas venir sur un forum pour faire de la "retape" pour le votre, ce n'est pas correct. Contactez Edouardo en priv? si vous pensez qu'il n'est pas assez pr?sent ou actif sur votre forum. La multiplication des
  14. Hello Ben, Too problems with this cap, pass on it. Regards, Michel
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