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  1. Just arrived today. Royal Guard of Oman Special Service Medal. Nice example.
  2. Many thanks for your reply Elmer. This is the medal I have its dia is 31mm and has 2 makers or silver proof marks on ring and one on the rim of the medal. It's a lovely old medal but sadly not named. Your reply has been most helpful . Cheers Gerry
  3. Were any of these medals minted by the Paris mint for French troops? Many thanks Gerry
  4. I think inflation has got to mine Owain!! I paid 94 quid which included the postage!!!!
  5. Thank you for sharing, glad I bought it now!!
  6. Very interesting information Owain and thank you. Do you know if any others have turned up?
  7. Latest addition Trucial Scouts loyal service medal 8 yrs service, any comments welcome. Apparently about 500 struck??
  8. Hi Owain, just looking closely at my GSM medal, how was the disc attached to the suspender part? were they one complete stamping? if you look closely at the photo of mine you can see what appears to be a very fine soldered joint between the disc and the straight ribbon holder, is this normal??
  9. Hi Owain just been checking the paperwork from David L Seeny who researched the group and who owned them, he states Arrived in France 10.12.15. Iraq Active Service Medal 1930/31 awarded 29.30.31. GSM/Iraq/1 Page 26. TFEM awarded army order 332. 01.11.17 Mentioned in Despatches Emblem issued 11.03.31. Medals Issued, He lists the display order as. MBE.15ST.BWM.VIC/MD.GSM/IRAQ.TFEM.WM-IRAQ. He apparently owned the full size set, so not sure if the mounting is due to the dates of issue. I have noticed the obverse of the TFEM is for vol service overseas 1914-1919.
  10. Hi Owain although this is not an Omani medal I thought you might like to see it. I forgot I actually had it!! It is a miniature set but thanks to its previous own who carried out a lot of research and provided the documentation of his research I have the original owners name. As you can see see he has the Iraq Levie medal for active service awarded on the 23/30/1931. lovely little set.
  11. Cheers Owain. I was watching this in Aberdeen Medals for a couple of days and Mark Sellar gets some good medals on his website and I had been reading up about the Omani history regarding the various countries involved. I had a friend who worked on the Shorts Sky Vans out there about 1970/4 and he was given a gold Omani cap badge as a gift he gave it to me and I have been searching the house for this last few days!!! I seen it a couple of months ago and put it away for safe keeping still can't find it.!!!
  12. Got me there!! Owain. Thats the way they have been for quite awhile looking at the stitching!! I bought a full size GSM this morning. Looked a nice example. to me anyway!!!
  13. Sorry Owain having a bad day with uploading photos!! Put my Blackberry into a factory reset accidentally and wiped everything on it. I will have another go now and see what happens. G IMG_20170430_125358_hdr.jpg
  14. Since my last post I have added another miniature set. Would love to hear some comments on it. Also the full size medal of the GSM are these gilted?
  15. Hi Mervyn I never thought of an association connection!! I wonder if there would be paperwork lodged somewhere regarding the running of it?? must start making some inquiries along those lines. Maybe start with Roy himself. I have been collecting for over 40yrs now and yes I regret selling off some items which would cost me a lot of money to replace now. I just collect at my leisure now, mostly miniature medals. You will see an undress sabretach in my collection which is named to Colonel Burroughs who has the inside annotated with "Colonel Burroughs 93rd Highlanders 1872" He was also Colonel of the Orkney Volunteer Artillery (hence the sabretach to them) on Routhsy Island which he owned and retired to after leaving the 93rd in 1872. He apparently can be picked out on the famous painting of the Thin Red Line in the Crimea when the 93rd repulsed the Russian Cavalry charge. Its a very interesting pouch because it contained the original ink holder and pen, there was also an old pencil in it as well!!. I have had a lot of sabretach,s and still do but have never seen one with its original contents. Burroughs went on to fight in the Indian Mutiny and was recommended for the VC but never got it due to Sir Colin Campbell,s way of allocating them, Burroughs fought this decision for many years afterwards, interesting man and his name is spelt the same as mine?? thats why I never parted with it.!!! cheers Gerry
  16. I bought this years back and when Roy Dutton brought his excellent book out "Forgotten Heros" on the Light Brigade. I discovered a photo at the rear of his book which shows the survivors of the brigade at a banquet in Birmingham in 1895 (25th Oct) which is on this the pin of this rather strange old medal. It was obviously a gift to remember that day to a steward who was there. The only thing I remember when I bought it was that the man had a connection with the 42nd Reg. Apart from that nothing. I have a swagger stick to the 42nd CSM Chas Christie 1480. 10/5/41 Cpl. 1847 Sjt 1850 SM Stirling Depot 1856. Discharged 1866. D 1869 ? L, D Hon. Sgt Roll but not listed on medal roll.? I have put this in for general info for Crimea interest folk. If there is anyone out there who may have information on the Birmingham medal, I would love to hear from them.
  17. My Brodie, Personal purchase of Major General Henry Hugh Tudor who commanded 9th Scottish Div in the later part of WW1 also "Chief of Police Ireland" 1919-22.
  18. Many thanks indeed Owain I will see if I get anywhere with your suggestions. Very best regards Gerry. PS. When my grandchildren go home later I will post another picture of a set in similar vein which was sussed out for me before I bought them.
  19. Sorry Owain I missed your post but I tried a quick shot tonight but the light is poor and I would have blasted the image if I used flash, however I will try again in the morning and repost. Best regards Gerry
  20. Cheers Owain, the medals are actually much nicer than the photo shows. I guess unless someone who owns the full size medals comes forward I will never know who the owner was. However I am glad I got them. Gerry
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