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  1. Hello Harry,
    My name is Rishi and i am working on 1961 Goa conflict as a side project.
    If ever someday i am able to put up some decent work, i woud like to put it up as pdf for readers or maybe publish some copies. I wish to be neutral and put in more of Portuguese side of the stories which are lacking in all the books published in india or by indian authors.
    Is it OK if i save the pictures shared by you on forum and use them in the book?

    Pics shared on sagongs forum

    Do i have your kind permission for the same?
    I will be greatly thankful to you for the same.


    1. Harry Fecitt

      Harry Fecitt


      Greetings - feel free to use my work as and when you wish without further discussion.

      Good Luck     Harry

  2. Aahan... I see... Thanks a lot Paul and Jerome..!!
  3. Thanks Jerome.. But i doubt that its any Bahawalpur Order... Specially Imtiaz - Haroonia That is because the calligraphy in the center is very different than bahawalpur breast star. Infact its very close to ottoman empire. Problem is i am not able to find on the info available in forum and internet that which ottoman empire breast star it is. A comparison Pic is enclosed. Pic 1: Unknown Pic 2: Imtiaz i Haroonia, Bahawalpur Pic 3: Ottoman Empire Breast Star Regards, Rishi
  4. Sorry for using this thread for another query.... Can someone identify this Breast Star?
  5. Every second week this pops for sale from India. To make the matter worse... some unifaced ones have appeared on ebay recently I have also seen 2 dies of it on sale.
  6. This is "Tamgha-i-Eisaar" awarded by Pakistan in 2006 to foreign troops for humanitarian services in the wake of the October 8, 2005 devastating earthquake
  7. And just mentioned in the thread, 4th ribbon in 8th row is Bi-centennial Padak
  8. Coming back to this one..... This is "Bi-centennial Padak" Not much of details known yet.. but will keep looking and update here if i get something of value. Enclosing a pic of the medal to show the ribbon.
  9. Eagerly waiting for Ed's new books to be in prints
  10. This one appears to be some sort of regimental medal and on back with my very very poor ability to read bengali, i think its written Bangladesh Rifles
  11. Just a small piece of info regarding Sutlej Rangers. In 1969, Sutlej Rangers was restructured and a new Unit was raised name Chenab Rangers..
  12. As i am able to read.. it says Kilbei Beerta Sarme Kam. The only word that commonly makes sense is Beerta that is bravely.. but then in Hindi its Veerta. Pronunciation of the word and use of B instead of V is specific to Bengal region and languages influenced with Bengali. So this could very well be Indian. Also, the last word here is Kam. This word is from Sanskrit. Quite interesting and very confusing one... As its been 2 years now since the time this thread is in existence, i believe Emmanuel has by now figured out what it is.
  13. Hello Ed_Haynes, Thanks a lot for sharing the pics and the information about the title badges. However, i have a query.. from where did you get the information to do further research about the person the badges were awarded to? I have a Rai Bahadur badge but i find it now impossible to look for more information regarding the person it was awarded. Thanks & Regards, Rishi
  14. Odin, Thank you very... very much for the great information!!! I am thrilled .....!!!!!!
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