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  1. Hello David. Did you ever find the information you needed on this? If not, I can speak to my colleague Terry King who is very knowledgeable on SAP matters. Audrey rhinoresearch32@gmail.com
  2. Hello from South Africa This is just to confirm that as Brett mentioned, I have in fact changed my email address to rhinoresearch32@gmail.com. I was having trouble with my old server and messages were being returned to me on a regular basis! We are still very busy at Rhino and look forward to answering any queries on South African police, military and genealogical matters. For those of you who don't know, the SADF archives is closed at the moment as they are moving all their existing premises to one new building. They are not expected to open again until at least the end of March. Very frustrating for us researchers but not something we can do anything about. Hopefully they will remove the dust from the boxes which I am sure has been there since WW1 Look forward to chatting again soon. Audrey Rhino Research
  3. Hello from South Africa I am fairly new to the GMIC and am still finding my away around the vast number of interesting topics. In 2000, Rhino Research published a book "Gallantry Awards of the South African Police 1913-1994" and during the time we were collating the information for the book, we spent several hours with Fred Brownell who was at that time the State Herald in Pretoria. He was passionate about the Homelands and collected any information/documents etc. that came his way. The book therefore includes a section on Homelands police medals including a short introduction on the Homelands,, a photo of the medal (if available), description of the medal and ribbon, and a little information on the Designer of the medal. The Homelands included are Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Gazankulu, KwaNdebele, KwaZulu, Lebowa, Qwa Qwa, Transkei, and Venda. If anyone would like scans of the pages from the book, do not hesitate to contact me at rhino.research@icon.co.za. Audrey
  4. Hello Brett and others! I have just checked my index of boxes at the SADF which contain the lists of the men who received the 1914-15 Star and the Rand Rifles are included in one of the boxes. I will check it out next time I go and if there is a list, I will photograph a copy and send it to you. If you already have this, drop me an email and let me know. Kind regards Audrey
  5. Hello from South Africa I have recently received a request from a man who is currently writing the history of the men from Neath (South Wales) in the Great War, and the core of the book will be the obituaries of the men on the memorial in Neath. By far and away the most exotic name on the memorial is that of William J Allen, East Africa Intelligence Department. He entered theatre 4A on 16th October 1914, and then had service as Cpl Number 480 East African Mounted Rifles, the Ross Scouts and ultimately a Hon. Lt in the East Africa Intelligence Department, with whom he was killed working with the South African Cape Corps at the Rufij River (Kibongo) in 1916. I did find a few documents on him at the SADF archive but wondered whether anyone could add any further details on this man. Any help would be appreciated. Audrey rhino.research@icon.co.za
  6. Hello from South Africa I was just looking at the comments above and thought it might help to let you know what is available in the way of police records. Just as an aside, Terry King is my ex son in law and I helped him to collate the book on police gallantry awards. This book is a must for anyone interested in police matters and I do have a few copies left. The police records up to about 1970 are held at the police archives in Pretoria. Unfortunately, there are no files for these men as these were destroyed 10 years after the man left the force. The cards usually give name, force number, date of attestation and discharge, stations in which he served, any courses taken, etc. There is often mention on the cards of the Force Orders relating to the items on the cards. I do have access to these records and can provide photocopies. I have a list of the men who received the Police Good Service Medal for 18 years service and do have Force Orders which record the men who received the Medal for Faithful Service and the Star for Merit. In order to retrieve the copies, I first have to find out whether the records are available and if so, how many photocopies are involved. I then have to go to my local police station and pay a fee for the access to information and also for the copies. The receipt is then taken to Pretoria where I can collect the copies of the cards. I have to search for the Force Orders myself. The later records are kept at police HQ in Pretoria. It is possible to obtain a printout (usually about 6 pages) giving full details of service, medals, stations served, attestation and discharge details, etc. As with the above, I have to go to my local police station to pay the necessary fees, fax the receipt to police HQ and then copies of the printouts are faxed to me. I hope that helps. Audrey rhino.research@icon.co.za
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